In conjunction with the release of Crown of Souls I approached Deeds Of Flesh about an interview. After a very long wait I finally got some answers from guitarist and vocalist Erik Lindmark, but unfortunately the answers wasn't very elaborating, nevertheless I decided that you the readers shouldn't be cheated from getting the opportunity to read what Erik had to say.

Erik Lindmark interviewed by PSL

Where do you see the biggest difference between Reduced to Ashes and the new album Crown of Souls?
I think Crown of Souls hits more elements of all our previous releases. Reduced to Ashes though is probably my favourite CD Deeds Of Flesh has done.

Did you feel any pressure when writing the new album, with regards to the success of the last album?
No, we just stick with our style of writing and try to add new elements.

You've once again produced the album yourselves. Could you explain your reasons for doing so?
Being ripped off in the past. Now that Unique Leader has the same distribution networks and marketing capability as our competitors we can put more into the band.

You picked Avalon Recording Studio to record in. What made you decide upon that studio?
We recorded Reduced to Ashes at Avalon Recording Studio also, that was the first time recording with Kip, the engineer there. We will always go to Avalon, killer equipment and killer atmosphere.

The production is fat and juicy, but the drums sound a bit clinical. Is this due to the use of triggers?
Probably, triggers are always a pain in the ass to equalize, but it makes the bass drums stand out much more.

You've been a trio for quite some time now. You've new considered adding a second guitarist again or are you happy with things as they are now?
I'm happy the way things are now. There are pros and cons to both. With a second guitarist I have the harmonies and overwriting, but as one guitarist the sound is tighter.

Do you think it's possible to keep pushing death metal to even greater extremes than it is today?
Not faster, that's already been reached but extreme metal leaves so much room for new sound and styles.

Some bands appear to be brutal just for the sake of being brutal and kind of neglect to add those little things that adds variation to the music. How do you approach things and what makes a good song to you?
Have feeling to its structure. I also don't like to write too much on the meter or 4/4 timing, I like odd counts.

Two of you were involved in an accidental fall back in March. Have you all fully recovered from that accident?
Yeah, Mike and Jacoby are still doing some physical therapy, but we are back to jamming again and played our first show in 8 months last month. It was sick.

Obviously you been forced to postpone some of the band activities due to the accident, but has it affected you in a major way?
Not at all, if it had happened right before we were going to record it would have been major. We missed a couple tour opportunities.

You released a DVD in September. Could you say a little about that?
It's a live show from Montreal on the Reduced to Ashes tour with Mortal Decay. There is also a video from Crown of Souls.

Do you have any plans about touring Europe this year?
Hopefully, we are just waiting to hear something back.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the support. Support the underground, it all starts there.

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