Defeated Sanity put out their sophomore release Psalms of the Moribund via Grindethic Records back in late March. It's a CD that shows a more evolved and mature side of the band. Some days ago I got the opportunity to discuss things like line-up changes, progression, Psalms of the Moribund and the German death metal scene with drummer Lille Gruber. It proved to be a pretty interesting conversation.

Lille Gruber interviewed by PSL

Psalms of the Moribund has been out for a while now. How has the reactions been so far?
The reactions have been great. Some of the people count us as a part of the worldwide elite in brutal death metal, which is an honour for us.

Where would you say the biggest difference between Psalms of the Moribund and Prelude to the Tragedy is?
We got our own style on Psalms to the Moribund where Prelude to the Tragedy had very obvious hints of the bands we idolized. Psalms of the Moribund splits in two extremes, it went more chunky, brutal, thick and deep, but at the same time that math-approach and the technicality went up a lot!

Has it made a difference in terms of sound and direction that you've had some major changes in the line-up since Prelude to the Tragedy?
I think it's obvious that the sound of this band changed a lot. There are Christian's sick riffs and brutal skills, Jens' deeper voice and Jacob's finger style bass and virtuosity, which really make a difference.

You've had many people come and go in the band. Do you feel you have a stable line-up now?
The line-up does feel stable now, everyone in this band knows what he's doing, and everyone learns fast, so we can get better soon as well.

All these line-up changes are they a necessary evil?
Hmmm maybe! In the case of the old members, it was like that. Because they didn't want the same style and they didn't believe in it as much as we did.

To me it sounds like much of your inspiration comes from Tomb of the Mutilated era Cannibal Corpse and early Suffocation. Please elaborate on your influences!
Those two bands and Tomb of the Mutilated especially really fascinate me and I can agree with you on that. We want a sick feel to our music, not only a display of technical abilities or something. Together with other bands from the old school elite, also newer bands like Disgorge and Devourment have participated leading young brutal bands like us to play the ultimate death metal.

Would you say that the American style of death metal is a little more interesting than the European?
Definitely. I mean, there are good musicians here too, but I listen to like 95% US stuff.

When you write music, is it difficult to come up with new things? It takes a lot to not sound just like one or the other these days doesn't it?
I think, there will always be ways, to write fresh music, and we found a way for us to do it. I think death metal bands have to be much more skilled these days, to impress people. Very often they seem to miss that morbid old feeling that the early 90's Gods used to have.

Many bands seem to take it a little too easy when it comes to the lyrics. Would you say that the lyrics are almost as important as the music?
Yes, lyrics and music have to be one. There has to be an overall concept that makes a good band, if you ask me. For example Brodequin has an awesome concept.

The artwork was it painted out from a specific idea you had?
No, the idea was from the artist Ray, who I gave the lyrics for Psalms of the Moribund and he topped any expectations I could ever have had.

How important do you think it is that the artwork represents the feel of the music?
Very important, as I told you earlier, the whole thing has to be one, the lyrics, the artwork and the music. It has a very serious dark feel to it.

You chose to record Psalms of the Moribund at Soundlodge Studios. It appears to be a popular studio among death metal bands, but what made you decide to record there?
We liked the clean sound they gave Despondency and Resection. And we knew that we could bring our dirtiness into the music playing-wise.

Did you have a specific sound in mind when you recorded the CD and did you accomplish the result you were looking for?
Well, I think, sound- and playing-wise we want to improve the most on the next record. The compositions were top notch, but we can't say we reached our dream sound on this record, although it's a good sounding one.

What is a perfect sound and production to you?
We strive for a sound, that's dirty, natural and brutal, so that it seems you are in the rehearsal room, watching the band play, but still being able to hear every single power-chord-note, cymbal and bassline!

So far you've released two CD's via Grindethic Records. Are you happy with that label and do you expect to release a third CD through them?
We will see what happens. We already have their interest. We are very thankful to what Grindethic Records did for us. They brought our stuff to brutal fanatics all over the world.

I know there's almost no money in this, but how many copies of Psalms of the Moribund do you need to sell before you consider it a success?
Dunno, but 3000 definitely would make me proud.

Are you planning on touring in support of Psalms of the Moribund?
Well, we want to, but as you said before, there's no money in this business, so people have to be a little patient maybe.

The German death metal scene has never been that visible compared to other European countries like for an example Holland, Sweden and England. Do you have any theory on why that is and how is death metal doing in Germany nowadays?
Hmmm I think Germany is like the centre of the whole metal scene pretty much fanwise. Everyone keeps telling us, the best shows are in Germany. My theory would be that people listen to way too much different shit, so they can't find their own style and they don't find what they really like to play. There are so many lame foreign bands that tour here and everyone praises them for no reason... I don't know though.

Anything you'd like to add to finish this interview?
Thanks for the interview! Everyone out there, we are recording a new demo sometime this year, so be prepared for more brutality and sickness!

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