DEGRADE - Lost Torso Found
Released: November 28th, 2006 | Label: Permeated | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Permeated

01. Torso Extraction
02. Prenatal Butchery
03. Blood Rampage
04. Lost Torso Found
05. Bag of Disposed Organs
06. Drastical Dismemberment
07. B.T.K.
08. United in Brutality
09. Degraded into Worms

Sweden's Degrade play US styled death metal with loads of groove slam parts in the vein of what Dying Fetus and Skinless do, but also European bands like Disavowed and Severe Torture appear to have been an inspiration. The Swedes can't be accused of trying something different, but they are able to create music that is varied enough to be interesting. Degrade tend to focus a lot on the slower and groovier parts, but they don't forget to blast a bit along the way. Overall these different elements make Lost Torso Found an organic and durable effort.

It's clear that Degrade is a well oiled unit. The music is tight and brutal. Nothing appears to have been left to circumstances. The thick and meaty production also contributes positively to the overall impression. As I started by pointing out there's absolutely nothing inventive in what Degrade do, but the Swedes pull it off in a convincing manner, so If you're looking for some solid US styled death metal then you can't go wrong with Lost Torso Found.

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