1. No Gods Before Me
  2. Code of a Dead Deity
  3. Absolute of Hatred
  4. Born to Loathe
  5. Extreme Unction
  6. And the Word Became Flesh
  7. Demiurge of the Void
  8. Panacea
DEIVOS - Demiurge of the Void

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: September 27th, 2011

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

Deivos is a Polish five-piece. The band has put out three full-length CD's so far. The music is typical Polish. Not that there's anything wrong in that, not at all, but the band just sound like most other Polish death metal bands.

The song-writing is competent and overall diverse, no doubt about that. The music is mostly fast, but the five-piece do gear down a notch or two when needed. But in spite of the competent playing the music never gets very exciting. I guess a lot of the problem is that it's just run-of-the-mill death metal. Not that I miss innovation in the songs, but I do miss more catchy elements.

Sure there are good riffs and parts, but often these tend to vanish among the standard riffing. What help save Demiurge of the Void is the solos. Not that these are anything out of the ordinary, but the solos do add a little extra to the songs. The songs that work the best are "Born to Loathe" and "And the Word Became Flesh". Apart from those the rest tends to be forgettable.

Demiurge of the Void is a standard effort, nothing less, nothing more. If you can't get enough of Polish death metal then Demiurge of the Void is difficult to avoid, but to be honest there are more interesting Polish death metal CD's to go and buy.

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