Released: 2006 | Label: Power It Up | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Power It Up

01. The Ancient Arrival of Thy Utter Darkness
02. No Tumours, Just Rumours
03. Defaced
04. [She's] Satan in High Heels
05. No Need for a God
06. Under the Pale Moonlight
07. Enough
08. The Battle
09. An Autumn Blaze
10. I am the Devil
11. Jimmy was in Town

12. Decom-posers
13. Treasures of Anatomy
14. Necrotic Garbage
15. Pyosisified [Rotten to the Gore]
16. Deranged for Loathsome
17. Putrescent Necromorphism
18. Anatomized
19. Disgorging Foetus
20. Excavating the Iliac Fossa
21. Oozing Molten Gristle
22. Staph Terrorist
23. I'm a Pathologist

Yet another vinyl split release from Power It Up. This time Germany's Depression has been paired with Spain's notorious splatter deathers Haemorrhage. What I've previously have heard from Depression haven't been that convincing, but this is different. We are still talking death metal with a good deal of grindcore mixed in. The music is more aggressive and in your face compared to the Depression split with Mesrine. It suits the trio well and makes it all more interesting. Kai also seem far more diverse in his musical expression than previously. The tri-vocal assault helps vary the music to a degree where it stays interesting.

I freely admit that I'm not very familiar with Haemorrhage's back-catalogue and I don't find this live recording too convincing. Of course a live recording is not the best place to start so I'll let the Spaniards get the benefit of the doubt. The songs on this split has previously been released on the Live in the Morgue CD so if you already have this release there's nothing new to find here. The unit works their way through a set consisting of own material as well as covers of Carcass, Regurgitate and Impetigo. There are a few ups and downs on this split release, but seen as a whole it's an alright LP that should appeal to fans of both bands.

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