DESECRATION - Process of Decay
Released: March 28th, 2005 | Label: Corpo | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. When the Heart Stops Beating...
02. Initial Decay
03. Bacterial Breakdown
04. Black Putrefaction
05. Butyric Fermentation
06. Maggots in Evidence
07. Corpse Fauna
08. Dry Rot
09. Gravewax

I'm not familiar with any Desecration material prior to Process of Decay, and it doesn't sound like I've missed out on a whole lot. The band plays some very unimaginative and quite boring standard death metal, with some obvious inspiration from Krisiun. All of the songs seem anonymous and without identity. Despite of several listens, I couldn't find anything remotely edifying about the album.

A thing that really annoys me about Process of Decay is the duck-like-sounding vocals that appear in "Black Putrefaction" and "Butyric Acid". It just sounds too dumb [they are guest vocals from Morbid Mark from Amputated]. The production is filthy and dry, but it often sounds very thin and without any punch or nerve, and the more I listen to Process of Decay, the more evident this becomes. There's really nothing interesting or worthwhile about Process of Decay; it's just one of those sub-standard releases that is just as quickly forgotten as it surfaced.

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