I didn't know much about the Swedish death metallers Deviant until recently when I received their debut Larvaeon. The album isn't exactly new as it's been out for nearly a year, but it was still interesting enough to get a comment on so I contacted guitarist Johan in order to learn more about Deviant and their somewhat US influenced death metal.

Johan interviewed by PSL

You were picked up by The Spew after releasing just one demo. Was this too early in hindsight or was it just the right time?
We do not regret it in any way and I think it let us advance our own brew from the early stages instead of having to try around before finding anything we would be confident with.

Musically you don't sound very Swedish! Is there a particular reason why that is?
We draw influence from bands both outside Sweden and Europe at the same time as we don't really have any special influences. There are many bands from Sweden that do not sound Swedish, in the classical sense, these days.

Would it be entirely wrong if I said you were influenced by for instance Kataklysm, Morbid Angel and perhaps even later day Broken Hope?
Morbid Angel yes. We don't really have any consistent and strong influences, but Morbid Angel have for sure had an influence on us in one way or another I'm sure. Other bands affecting our sound I guess would be Cryptopsy, Immolation, Entombed and the likes. We're not limited to death metal as far as drawing ideas and influences and we listen to all kinds of music.

Larvaeon is a pretty impressive debut. Besides "Tools of Termination" were all the material solely written for this album or did you reuse/rearrange other material from the demo?
We re-recorded two songs for the album from the demo, the first one being "Tools of Termination" as you mentioned, the other one being "Deviant Ways". We simply renamed it "Deviance" for the album.

What surprised me a little was that you've thrown in a bit of melody here and there. Is important for you to include this and not just blindly blast forward all the time?
Yes, both to keep the listening experience interesting and to actually enjoy playing our shit. We all know how fun it is putting the pedal to the metal in a fast car, but once you've gone that fast for a certain amount of time it gets dull and I think that is where melodies, breakdowns and whatever come in.

You recorded Larvaeon in EAR Studios which you had used before when you recorded the demo. Was the main reason you picked the studio again that you already knew it?
Partly yeah, but also because we like working with Carl and we wanted to see what he could do with us while recording a full-length album and not just a four-song debut demo.

Are you happy with result or are there things you would have done differently today?
When I listen to the album I don't feel I want to make any big changes. Of course there are minor flaws in performance and maybe mix I would like to adjust, but they may not be that easy to discover unless you worked with it like we did! Also, it is a manifest of what we sounded like at the time.

Do you think you'll be using EAR Studios next time too or is it time to move on and go elsewhere?
We have already used EAR Studios for another recording, a four song promo-EP containing three brand new songs and a Nasum cover. It has not been released yet, but will be soon judging by the communication we're having with labels at the moment.

You had Gustav Jorde from Defleshed guest the album, how did that come around?

Defleshed and Deviant are from the same city. We came up with the idea together with Carl while recording and he had no problems at all coming down and lay down those lines.

Are you currently looking for a new label or will the next album be out on The Spew as well?
Today we do not know what label will release a second album.

A quick browse on the net shows there's quite a few bands named Deviant! You've not experienced any problems with the name so far?
No, not really. All other Deviants kind of roam other territories of music so there is no real trespassing so to speak.

Are any of you involved in other bands besides Deviant?
Fredrik also plays in Splitter, but other than that nothing noticeable.

What are the plans for the remainder of the year for Deviant?
Do not know really, we are all spread out and haven't met in a long while, but hopefully we will manage to start working on new songs for the second album. We have talked through some really cool ideas so I think it would be great if we managed to do something with it.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for reading and for the interview! Check out www.deviant.se if you haven't already and get Larvaeon if you like to dance to your music.

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