1. Existential Crisis
  2. Into Fire
  3. Awakening
  4. World in Denial
  5. Virus
  6. Wretched Eyes of God
  7. Transcendence
  8. From the Ashes
  9. Legions Rise
  10. Divinity
  11. Disciple
DEVOLVED - Oblivion

GENRE: Technical death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: May 24th, 2011

RATING: 3/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

I got a feeling of dj-vu when I put Oblivion in the CD-player. It's obvious that Devolved idolize Fear Factory. That of course don't need to be a bad thing, but it is. It's like the band get most its ideas from Fear Factory and it just doesn't work.

The music is industrial death metal, but it has a lot of that Meshuggah type of gnarly stop-go, polyrhythmic riffing as well. That however isn't the worst thing. What blemishes the music for my concern is the cheesy Burton C. Bell type of clean singing. It's awful and has an annoying emo-rock kind of feel to it.

Like Fear Factory the Australian / American five-piece use tons of samples and keyboards. That does add some additional textures to the songs, but like the rest of the music it sounds too much like Fear Factory and that is the biggest problem on Oblivion. It's also what makes it such a bore.

The music gets uninteresting right away. There are a few parts, like on "Awakening" and "Transcendence" where the music is somewhat exciting. If the five-piece had written more music in the vein of those songs, and of course skipped the clean singing then I think Oblivion could have been better. The band finish it all off with the Slayer song "Disciple", but that doesn't change things for the better.

The clean vocals and the obvious are largely to blame for the low score, but the music itself is not all that exciting either. If you like music in the vein of Fear Factory or Meshuggah then you'd probably like Oblivion a lot more than I did.

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