DIABOLIC - Infinity Through Purification
Released: November 17th, 2003 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. From the Astral Plane...Entwined with Infinity
02. Spiritual Transition
03. Satanic Barbarism
04. Internal Mental Cannibalism
05. Procession of the Soulgrinders
06. Exsanguinated Life
07. Descending through Portals of Misery
08. Enter the Maelstrom

Florida death metallers Diabolic are back to annihilate with their brand new CD Infinity Through Purification. They continue almost from where they left with their previous effort Vengeance Ascending. There are a few changes in sound and music, which in a way is logical since the only remaining member from the Vengeance Ascending sessions is main man and guitar player Brian Malone. This time he has brought bass player and vocalist Ed Webb back into the Diabolic fold. Ed fronted the band on their now classic debut Supreme Evil from 1999.

Infinity Through Purification is a showcase of pure brutality in form of aggressive riffing, blistering and mind-melting leads and blasting drums that makes you wonder how drummer Gael Barthelemy can play that fast with only two arms! The compositions and arrangements are well-written, -structured and varied. And of course all bearing the typical trademarks of Diabolic. Infinity Through Purification is just as great as their previous releases, so if you like any of those then I wouldn't hesitate for a second in getting Infinity Through Purification It may not reach the might of the debut but it sure lies way above the average releases that seem to surface in great numbers at the moment.

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