1. Executionroom
  2. Soul Scavenger
  3. Soil Became Flesh
  4. Dead Flesh Makeover
  5. Dread Lord
  6. Mors et Sanguis
  7. Rise of the Rotten
  8. Vindictive
  9. Gore Monger
DIE - Rise of the Rotten

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Denmark
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: March 16th, 2010

RATING: 8/10

I like death metal that is fast and brutal, but also cohesive and detailed. And that's exactly what it is on Rise of the Rotten. The music is not different or anything if you look at so much else, but it works just like it should. It's brutal, but with the needed strength and variety to be interesting. The song-writing is good and here's lots of changeups and groove in addition to the brutal parts.

Another thing I like is the solos. These do add a lot to the songs and fits the murky tone of the music spot on. I get the feeling that the guitarists Rasmus Henriksen and Tajs Kolman are inspired by Necrophagist and to a degree also Immolation.

All nine songs are good in each their way. Of course some are better than others, but in general there are no frail spots here. I like that most of the songs has a chorus as it makes it all a little more catchy and consistent.

The vocals are typical death metal vocals, but understandable and not too gurgly. Søren Christensen does a good job in changing the vocals without overdoing it. The production fits the music just right. It's thick and juicy. The mix is also good as nothing tends to vanish. The artwork goes well with the music and I like that in the booklet there's seven different works of art. It makes it all that more interesting to look at.

Rise of the Rotten is a strong effort. As I wrote the music is not all that different if you look at what other death metal bands has put out, but it is an effort that has what it takes to stay interesting.

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