DISGORGE - Gore Blessed to the Worms
Released: December 1st, 2006 | Label: Xtreem Music | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Xtreem Music

01. Intro [Deadflesh Everywhere]
02. I Watch Myself Rot
03. Next Mortuary Division
04. Gore Blessed to the Worms!
05. Cadaveres
06. Chronic Corpora Infest
07. Pest.Blood.Metal
08. Beneath The Lugubre.....
09. Deepest Blood [Devour]
10. Necro.March

These Mexicans shouldn't be confused with the American band by the same name. They may both play death metal, but stylewise they are far apart. The music is dirty and bears quite a few resemblances with Dismember, but Disgorge approach things a little more brutal than the Swedes. The result is an interesting mix of Mexican brutality and Swedish old school. Disgorge rely a lot on the fast and extreme in the music. Often the fast and brutal come in unexpected outbursts, only to be relieved by slower and moodier parts soon after. This actually makes the music even more interesting as it's not too predictable. Songs like "I Watch Myself Rot", "Cadavers" and "Necro.March" are all good examples of this.

The ultra sick guttural growls help underline the fierceness in the music. Another thing that adds to the sickness found on Gore Blessed to the Worms are the samples. There are not many, but they are tastefully used and provide just the right feel. Disgorge have achieved a fat and dirty production that is fairly close to the classic Sunlight Studio sound. This adds a lot to the whole old school vibe on the CD. It also makes it all seem raw and less polished than so much else of what is out there. Gore Blessed to the Worms is a slap of old school brutality - nothing more, nothing less and I love it that way.

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