DISKORD - Doomscapes
Released: 2007 | Label: Edgerunner | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Diskord

01. An Architectonic Manifestation of Death
02. Public Static Void
03. Harbinger
04. Absurreality
05. Cosmic Collapse
06. The Ubiquitous Transience
07. Inane Existence
08. Pervasive Discreteness
09. Overstrain
10. Heritage
11. Reptilian Ancestry
12. Instauration

This is different, but not in a radical way although Diskord definitely sound unlike the vast majority of death metal bands. The Norwegians rely much on old school death metal. Of course there's nothing new in that as many bands do, but where the trio differs a little is that they mix in different styles as well. Of course other bands do that too, but the result on Doomscapes is a bizarre, but homogeny concoction of peculiar ideas. It's clear that Diskord is inspired by a broad array of styles as the band takes things from death metal, rock, jazz and doom, but the trio don't limit themselves to just doing that. Now and then the band add some almost psychedelic effects to the guitar as well as incorporating the use of accordion and didgeridoo in the music.

All these different influences provide the songs with a very broad and diverse expression. Another facet is the bass which is very present. It gives the music a pulsating and organic feel. Doomscapes bursts of different things and details to perceive. None of the experimenting ends up sounding forced or out of place, but somehow a lot of it gets a little tiring after awhile. The production is fat and somewhat dirty. It provides the music with an unpolished feel which suits it. If you like your death metal to be a little different, then Doomscapes is well worth a closer look.

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