DIVINE PUSTULENCE - Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan
Released: 2008 | Label: Vrykoblast | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Vrykoblast

01. Surgical Defilement
02. She Had Evil in Her Eyes, She Had to Die
03. Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan
04. Reeking Adipocerous Corpses of Murdered Boys Buried in Lime
05. Rob Em' All, Rape Em' All Kill Em' All
06. The Bed You've Made
07. Shotgun Extermination
08. The Otherside of the Woodchipper
09. Pathological Evisceration
10. She Died a Virgin
11. The Score Card Killer
12. Rectal Crucifixion
13. The Columbine Massacre
14. Violated, Mutilaled, Decapitated

Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan is about as cliché as it comes. Divine Pustulence tries no new tricks at all and I didn't expect them to. The music is brutal death metal with deep end vocals and lots of frog-like gurgling. Lyrically the band shows their fascination for serial killers just like Macabre do. Normally I find all this very cool, but it becomes a little too much on this effort. It doesn't make it any better that the Americans most of all sound like a middling demo band. The music is not very tight played and it's not very versatile in its approach either.

A big problem is the vocals, they are a monotone blur and that becomes annoying after a while. The vocals are largely to blame for the songs sounding alike. The shitty samples are another thing that doesn't make Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan a very complete effort. Most are primitive clips from documentaries and other appears to be done by the band in an almost spoken word kind of way. It sounds inane and is hard to take serious. There's no vitality or drive in the sound either. The production is thin and muddy. Tortured, Raped and Sacrificed to Satan is an effort without much substance. It's the kind of release where you can't wait to hit the eject button.

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