DOMINION - Born God and Aware
Released: 2006 | Label: Unique Leader | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unique Leader

01. The Endless
02. Appreciate to Mutilate
03. A Demonstration of Domination
04. Legion Dominion
05. Born God and Aware
06. Temple of Insects
07. I Bury Blades
08. World Downfall
09. Dominance Hierarchy
10. Elite

My initiate reaction upon hearing Born God and Aware wasn't too enthusiastic. Actually I found it kind of boring at first, but as it turns out that judgement wasn't fair. The more I listen to the CD the better it becomes. The music is somewhat standardized death metal added a good share of technicality. For a two-piece the Swedes have got a complex sound. The songs are varied and it's obvious the more I listen to Born God and Aware that the band haven't left anything to coincidences. The pace is diverse, but a majority of the time Dominion goes for the somewhat slower approach which gets a little tiresome now and then, but the unit do to a large degree make up for it by speeding things up a bit from time to time.

Morbid Angel appear to have been a major inspiration and it can most certainly be heard in "World Downfall", but besides that Dominion add different things as well thus providing the music with some recognizable fingerprints. It doesn't hurt the overall impression either that a solo or two pop up once in a while. I admit I wasn't too fond of Born God and Aware to begin with, however it turned out to be a minor, but positive surprise. Sure there are hardly anything in the music that hasn't been done one way or the other, but Dominion cramp in enough identity and technical brilliance to make it an effort worth listening to more than just two or three times.

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