1. Strapon Radio - 69,9 Fm
  2. Clit Minister
  3. Exterminated by the Virulent Feces of Coprosaurus
  4. Charlie And His Chocolate Factory [Explosive Diarrhea]
  5. Bubbles on the Surface of Cumswamp
  6. Wet Taco Flavored Pussy [Mexican Food Fetish]
  7. Lesbian Cannibal Picnic
  8. Macaque-Rhesus Rectal Manipulator
  9. Coprofagous Dilettante
  10. Engineering the Rectum - Scanning the Anus Retina
  11. Hugga Wugga '69
  12. Smegma Clyster Intergalactic [2009: A Space Odyssey]
  13. Busty Zombie Wound Fuck
  14. Zebra Has a Striped Dick
  15. Panda Penis

GENRE: Porngrind
LABEL: SFC Records
YEAR: 2009

RATING: 7/10

If you like music in the vein of The Day Everything Became Nothing, Throatplunger and XXX Maniak then you'll love Duodildo Vibrator. The Russian trio plays porncore and their style is not far from the three abovementioned bands.

The music is in the vein of The Day Everything Became Nothing. It's groovy and the riffs are pulsating and the vocals are also very similar to how Tony Forde sings. Duodildo Vibrator tries to vary the vocals a bit by adding some low end death metal vocals, but does only partially succeed.

The music itself is not all that diverse, but diverse enough not to bore. The band tends to repeat some of the riffs a bit too much, but that is not uncommon in the genre. The trio plays fast now and then, but mostly the three Russians take it fairly slow and concentrate on the thick grooves. The bass is audible and it adds to the thickness of the music as well adding some needed contrast.

Many of the riffs are good and I like the pulsating vibe that the music often has. The lyrics and different samples used is not that far from how Throatplunger and XXX Maniak do things. I like how the samples are used. These add a lot of feel to the music and help set the songs apart.

The production has the thickness that this kind of music need. Light My Fire is not different from so much else porn or goregrind, but Duodildo Vibrator are able to provide the music with a bit of personality, like on "Charlie And His Chocolate Factory [Explosive Diarrhea]". Light My Fire is not bad if you like some entertaining porn or goregrind.

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