1. Homicidal Retribution
  2. Fate of the Condemned
  3. Raping the System
  4. Insidious Repression
  5. Unadulterated Hatred
  6. Ancient Rivalry
  7. Parasites of Catastrophe
  8. Obsolete Deterrence
DYING FETUS - War of Attrition

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Relapse Records
YEAR: March, 9th, 2007

RATING: 8/10

If you know the tiniest bit about US death metal, you have probably heard about Dying Fetus. It's been a while since the previous CD from the Americans, but it was worth the wait. Again changes have occurred in the line-up. Vince Matthews and Erik Sayenga are out, and in is Duane Timlin, but this hasn't affected the sound or style of the band that much.

The trademark sound of the band is very much alive but the unit sounds a little more direct and pissed off on War of Attrition than they did on the predecessor Stop at Nothing. We're much closer to something like Destroy the Opposition, than we are to something like Stop at Nothing so those thinking that the band was finished after that CD have been proved wrong.

Dying Fetus don't try to revolutionize anything or to be different on War of Attrition, but the group prove why they still belong to the 'crme de la crme' of American death metal bands. A thing I like about the unit is that they still very much rely on the same things that made them interesting to begin with. The low dual vocals, the groove catchy riffs and the frantic drumming, it's all still here. Nothing has changed too much.

Dying Fetus sound like more Dying Fetus and perhaps more than they've done in quite some time. The music is diverse and tight played. It's clear that John Gallagher & Co still have what it takes to remain among the elite.

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