1. The Weight of All Things
  2. In the Face of Armageddon
  3. Cain Enable
  4. A Drone in the Hive
  5. Engraving Ecstasy
  6. The Promethean
  7. Grinding Down the Gears
  8. Rise and Fall
  9. Seizure
  10. Kingdom of the Blind
DYSCARNATE - And So It Came to Pass

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: England
LABEL: Siege of Amida Records
YEAR: February 27th, 2012

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Siege of Amida Records

Obviously inspired by bands such as Skinless, Misery Index and possibly hardcore heroes Pro-Pain the English trio Dyscarnate play hard hitting and groovy death metal. Fat riffs and groovy slam part are definitely what the band focus on. The band is quite good at what they do, but in the end the music does get a bit trivial.

Sure the music is diverse in terms of pace, but too often it feels like the songs are built on the same procedure more or less. The blueprint is fast parts, slow parts and groovy slam parts mixed differently for each song, but the result is roughly the same.

No doubt that it works a lot of the time, but unlike Misery Index the music doesn't really have the same type of unforgettable riffs or parts that make it interesting. Sure there are catchy riffs and parts, like on "Cain Enable". But it's difficult to ignore the fact that it gets a little too same-sounding the more I listen to the CD.

And So It Came to Pass is by no means a bad effort, but it's not all that exciting either. If you like music that rely on thick, heavy grooves in the vein of Skinless and Misery Index then you'll like what Dysincarnate is doing.

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