EBOLIE - Elevation into Disintegration
Released: December 24th, 2004 | Label: Grindhead | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindhead

01. Blood Tapped Skull
02. Elevation into Disintegration
03. Human Error
04. Straight Edgetasy
05. Queen of the Scene Age
06. Work Forced
07. Foetal Grindings
08. Rape of Sanity
09. Queer Eye for the Metrosexual

There have come quite a few somewhat weird, but nevertheless good releases from Australian bands over the years and the new album from Ebolie is really no exception either. Elevation into Disintegration does not offer anything unheard and then again perhaps, at least I've never heard scratch in a death metal song before, but besides that it's all been heard numerous times before, however, it doesn't make the songs any less good. The music is deathgrind with all that belongs; however, it's quite obvious that the band approach things from a humours and perhaps also quite unserious angle, but nevertheless it work out well. Ebolie occasionally put a bit of funky bass into the music. There are also quite a few odd, but hilarious samples. It all adds to the diversity of the music and help to give Ebolie a sound and identity of their own.

A slightly better production would have done the music more justice, but fact is that the music is still pretty good so it's really only a minor detail. "Blood Tapped Skull", "Human Error" and "Queens of the Scene Age" were the three songs that immediately struck me as being the most worthwhile, but the remaining tracks are pretty good too. Elevation Into Disintegration is a good release that definitely made me want to hear more from this band.

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