ECITON - Oppressed
Released: May, 2005 | Label: Adipocere | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Adipocere

01. Butchering the Helpless
02. Cynical Exploitation of Mankind
03. Waiting With Regret
04. The Excitement
05. Fuck Your World
06. Slaughter of the Innocent
07. Someone Suffers
08. In Good Faith
09. Sanuinity Dreams

At first I thought Danish death metallers Eciton was a brand new band, but after studying the info-sheet a bit closer, it turns out that the band went under the name Indespair before changing it to Eciton, and that explains why I didn't recognize the band right away. The album was recorded in late 2003, but due to the death of bassist Søren Maiboe and the exit of drummer Lars Poulsen, Eciton suffered a huge set back. In early 2004, however, the band found suitable replacements in shape of Jesper Frost [Iniquity, Thorium] and Thomas Berg [JEEL]. The music is standard death metal as it was played in the early '90s. This means brutal and fast, but not ultra fast death metal combined with lots of mid-tempo parts, and deep and guttural growls, but unfortunately without any solos at all. That of course is not the end of the world, but despite lots of breaks and temposhifts, it gets a little monotonous due to the obvious lack of solos.

However, despite of the stagnant approach, the music still holds a good deal of charm and that makes it a listenable effort, but it doesn't really change that fact that Oppressed leaves quite a few things to be desired. Oppressed was recorded in Sound Zone Studio with producer Lars Schmidt [Konkhra, Furious Trauma], and the result is a fat and full sound, but without drowning the small details. I wouldn't really say that there's one song that is better than the other, but still I found "Cynical Exploitation of Mankind" slightly better than the rest. If you're able to distract from the lack of solos and can take and appreciate Oppressed for what it is, then there's a very good album here, but if you expect a little more from your death metal than just the usual run of the mill stuff then you might want to pass on this one.

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