Released: 2007 | Label: Grindhead | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindhead

01. Intro
02. Do You Hear Me?
03. Buried Alive I: Undead in the Morgue
04. Travelling Dismembered
05. The Ultimate Pregnancy-Machine
06. With the Flesh of the Deceased
07. Lucid Fairytale
08. He Raped His Dying Daughter
09. Buried Alive VII: Watch Them Dig Your Own Grave
10. Combine With a Turbine

11. Instru-menstrual
12. Severed and Eaten
13. Born on a Vomit Soaked Operating Table
14. Mangled by a Lawn Mower
15. The Aussie Grind Anthem
16. Hacksaw Surgery

I've come to like Embalming Theatre and their simplistic and crusty goregrind a lot so it was nice to find the D-Composition split CD in my mail. I didn't expect any new tricks and the Swiss gorefreaks don't pull out many surprises this time either. Overall the songs pretty much stick to the blueprint of past efforts, but that doesn't constitute a problem. The predictability [among other things] is what makes Embalming Theatre so great because you know exactly what to expect. Even though D-Composition is no tour de force the band don't disappoint.

Hacksaw Surgery on the other hand doesn't show much. This one-man band plays some rather bland deathgrind. What pull down are the programmed drums that immediately become an annoying factor. In many ways the music sounds like something that has been recorded home in the living room. The sound is poor and that sure don't abet the overall impression. Since the recording of the D-Composition split CD Hacksaw Surgery has become a trio. Hopefully this will result in some serious improvements.

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