EMBALMING THEATRE - Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails [vinyl]
Released: 2005 | Label: Power It Up | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Power It Up

01. Hormones From the Dead
02. I Want My Gay Boyfriend to Eat Me Alive
03. Cadaveric Sandcastle
04. Dying Funeral Procession II: Cemetary Carnage
05. Locked up with Hungry Cannibals
06. Six Little Corpses
07. Hallucinating Genitals-Ejector
08. Contamination with Embalming Fluids
09. Failed and Nailed
10. They Drowned in a Lake of Blood
11. Buried Alive III: Suffocation in the Sand-box
12. Rape the Cadaver
13. Buried Alive I: Undead in the Morgue
14. Shoes Made of Human Skin
15. Someone Else in my Coffin
16. Patricide. Fratricide. Suicide.
17. Dead, Stolen, Hacked Up and Raped
18. Smell of the Mummfied Baby
19. We Ate Daddy
20. Fear of Napalm

This new vinyl release Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails from Swiss goregrind sickos Embalming Theatre is actually not so new, content-wise that is. The material is taken from their 2004 MCD Hormones From the Dead [released by No Escape Records] and from their 2002 Split Organ split CD with Torture Incident [released by Reverb Productions]. I will not go into any deeper analyse of side A as I've already recently reviewed Hormones From the Dead elsewhere on these pages. Side B is for my concern a new and fresher encounter. It's obvious that this is an older recording than the aforementioned Hormones From the Dead and it's very clear that the band have improved quite a bit since. The songs are great, but a bit messy compared to Hormones From the Dead and the same goes for the production.

Their somewhat simplistic death metal or goregrind if you like, has a lot of charm, but what I miss on the older stuff is the samples because they just add that extra something to the whole thing [like on Hormones From the Dead], but apart from that little thing which I able to abstract from there's really nothing to complain about here. Embalming Theatre wraps it all up with a splendid cover of the old Terrorizer song "Fear of Napalm". A nice little detail is the cover artwork which is taken from both the MCD and the split CD. Exquisite Cadaveric Hormon Cocktails doesn't offer anything new music-wise if you already have both the other releases, but if you want something slightly special then this definitely not the worst thing to get.

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