EMBALMING THEATRE - Sweet Chainsaw Melodies
Released: 2006 | Label: Power It Up | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Power It Up

01. Intro
02. Sweet Chainsaw Melodies
03. Execution by Hanging is Not a Game
04. Export of Corpses
05. Dive For the Dead
06. 4 Brains, One Hand and One Foot in My Luggage
07. Wretched Rat Barbeque
08. We Ate Daddy
09. She Ate Her Flesh
10. A Leg is in the Mail
11. Shoes Made of Human Skin
12. Intermezzo
13. Someone Else in My Coffin
14. Chatroom for Impalers
15. Dead, Stolen, Hacked Up and Raped
16. Buried Alive II: Breath of Cancer
17. Gastric Purulence
18. Crash the Hearse
19. Topless But Mummified
20. Chemical Solution for a Rotten Problem
21. Corpse on Board
22. Bags With Heads

I've become somewhat addicted to Embalming Theatre's simplistic and disturbing goregrind ever since I first heard their music on the Hormones From the Dead EP so I was quite happy when I recently found the re-release of the 2003 debut Sweet Chainsaw Melodies among my mail.

Musically there's really not a lot, if any difference at all from their later day material like the aforementioned Hormones From the Dead EP and their latest The World is a Stage… For Murder!. The music is of course goregrind with all that include from hilarious and grotesque samples/lyrics to downtuned guitars and deep gurgling growls. The songs are short and direct. It definitely helps keeping the intensity and energy in the music.

If you don't already own this little germ then perhaps you ought to get it now. It's certainly as good as anything else Embalming Theatre have put out to date. Sure it may not be new or contain anything extra, but it's still a good album that does in no way sound outdated. The re-release of Sweet Chainsaw Melodies is a great way to kill time while we wait for what the Swiss come up with next.

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