EMBALMING THEATRE - The World is a Stage...For Murder!
Released: December 19th, 2005 | Label: No Escape | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: No Escape

01. Buried Alive VI: Stabbed, Beaten and Pregnant
02. Amputation of the Wrong Leg Pt. II
03. Punched, Burned, Strangled and Decapitated
04. Living With the Mummy
05. Dead Garbage II: Strangled Babies Shoved in Bags
06. Skull Soccer Pt. II
07. Get High on a Dead Dog
08. Registered Sex Offender Lives Here
09. Foetal Remains in a Trash Compactor
10. The World is a Stage... For Murder!
11. Sex Slaves
12. Self Devourment
13. He Ate His Own Penis
14. He Attacked Her with a Chainsaw
15. Bake the Baby
16. Severed Head in My Hand
17. Hot Wedding and Burning Hearts
18. Bulldozer Blues

I was very fond of the EP Hormones From the Dead mainly because of the music, but certainly also the bizarre humour. The successor The World is a Stage… For Murder! pretty much continues from where the other left off and the band certainly haven't lost their humoristic touch. The biggest difference is that Embalming Theatre apparently has cut back a little on the samples which I find to be a shame as they added something extra to the music, but no worry they are still present, just not as massively. Musically there's really not a whole of new found here and that's just fine as everything worked well on Hormones From the Dead. The music is still rather simplistic deathgrind, but quite appealing and effective.

Most of the songs are kept under or just around the two minutes. This off course adds considerably to the intensity of the overall impression. A few of the songs tend to sound a bit too much a like, but music is still fairly diverse so it never get to play a major role. The closer "Bulldozer Blues" is the most awkward track and just like the gimmick in "Buried Alive III: Suffocation in the Sand-box" on Hormones From the Dead there's also some goofing around, but this time with a bit of piano and choir. Again the lyrics are based on real events and as usual there's a bit of explanation in the booklet to each song. Quite amusing reading I might add. If you liked Hormones From the Dead then The World is a Stage… For Murder! can almost not disappoint. I know I'm certainly not disappointed.

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