ENGORGED - Where Monsters Dwell
Released: November 19th, 2004 | Label: Razorback | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Razorback

01. D'compose
02. Stinger
03. Architeuthis
04. The Thing
05. Chaingang
06. Abominus
07. Skull and Crossbones
08. Werewolf Militia
09. Return of the Living Dead

Holy shit, this stuff smokes. Why haven't I heard this band before? Ehh… I am actually a little embarrassed by admitting this but I was recommended checking out Engorged a few years ago by a dude I know in the US but somehow I apparently hadn't been paying much attention 'cause it completely slipped my mind again. Anyway Engorged is a band that is a bit hard to categorize because they draw on a wide range of different styles such as thrash, doom, grind, death, and even a bit of heavy metal. The music very bass-driven and has that chunky, pulsating feel to it and that add a lot of depth and punch to the soundscape as do the growls which at times almost border becoming metalcore. The guitars are thick, juicy and yet fairly clear but without compromising the sincere savagery and brutality of the music.

I didn't expect a whole lot when I first gave Where Monsters Dwell a spin but damn, it was a surprise, a very pleasant one that is. As soon as I heard the intensity and the jawdropping lead in the opener "D'compose" I was sold. Songs like the thrashy "Stinger" and "Architeuthis" as well as the somewhat Napalm Death inspired "The Thing" rule big time. As do "Skull and Crossbones", the doom laden "Werewolf Militia" and last but not least "Return of the Living Dead". Hell, the entire album is worthwhile and with each spin new details seem to pop up and thereby prolonging the durability of the album significantly. In a weird way I keep associating Engorged with their fellow countrymen in Deceased, not that they musically have a whole lot in common but they do on the lyric side where they both are inspired by old horror comics and movies.

The band do have a fairly unique and perhaps even somewhat innovative sound though there occasionally pop up a Napalm Death, Exodus-like passage or even an almost Iron Maiden-like harmony but who cares if there are similarities with other bands? I for one certainly don't as long as the music is good and it is. There's really nothing to point fingers at here and Where Monsters Dwell are darn close to being perfect.

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