EXIT WOUNDS - 17 Wounds of Exit
Released: 2007 | Label: No Escap | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: No Escape

01. Bombs at the Horizon
02. Mass Riot Disease
03. Hanginí Heads
04. Pro-Fuck/Ekoterroristen
05. Rifle Tattooed Temple
06. Kill on Command
07. Everything is Perfect
08. Realize!
09. Bulletís Hole
10. Face the Reality
11. Covered with Flies
12. Concrete Childhood
13. Vanishing Target
14. I Thought You Were Dead
15. Roll the Bones
16. Exit Wounds
17. Bleeding Peptic Ulcer

Wauw, this sure is brutal. These Poles play hyper aggressive and straight up grindcore. Here are no superfluous samples or any unnecessary gimmicks only 17 songs of pure grindcore played in a little under 10 minutes. The music is very direct and relies only on the most necessarily like brutal riffing, lots of blastbeats and hysteric shouting. However the unit is cleaver enough regularly to slow down and let allow the bass upfront or give room for some slower and catchier riffing. It provides some needed variation and works just the way it should.

The sound is heavy and dirty. It's very similar to the sound that their countrymen in Squash Bowels or Neuropathia have, but musicwise the aforementioned don't have too much in common with Exit Wounds. Think Regurgitate and Looking For An Answer instead and you probably get an idea of how this sound. If you like hyper energetic and no frills grindcore then 17 Wounds of Exit is most definitely worth a closer listen.

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