1. World Extinction [1 Down 7 Billion to Go]
  2. Vortex of Worms
  3. Claustrophobic Cacophony
  4. Fully Automated Aggression
  5. Autopsy Asylum
  6. Scourge of the Posterity [I Am Ash]
  7. Unfold the Death
  8. Slamdome
  9. The Executionist
  10. Nocturnal Sepsis
  11. Corrupted by Perversity
  12. Chant of the Paradox
EXTINCTIONIST - World Extinction

GENRE: Brutal death metal
COUNTRY: Germany
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: April 9th, 2011

RATING: 4/10
PROVIDED BY: Extinctionist

Extinctionist is a German four-piece. The music is death metal of the more brutal kind. I usually love that kind of music, but the big problem is that the 12 songs on World Extinction sound like so much else. The riffs are standard and there are little or no catchy parts to make it exciting.

The music is diverse, but I miss the riffs or parts that make the songs long-lasting. Sure the four-piece often change the pace or do other things to vary the music. Many of the songs have slam or fast parts, but it doesn't bury the fact that there are too few good riffs. The music is mostly best when the Germans play fast and in-your-face.

The vocals are low end growls mixed with pig squeals. It works okay, but doesn't add much to the music. Alright, I may be a bit picky, but I find it annoying that the band use both spoken German and English samples. It makes it seem like a clutter of casual inputs.

Not sure if it's the finished CD I'm reviewing, but the production leaves a lot to be wanted. The sound is flat and not thick at all. That of course doesn't profit the music at all. It doesn't sound very tight and the guitars appear thin and toothless.

I'm not out to bash the band. I do think the four-piece has some good ideas, but most of them drown among the standard parts. It will take more work before the music gets interesting as it's too anonymous as it is now.

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