1. Alpha Incipient
  2. Ritual of Godflesh
  3. Become One
  4. Cerebral Hybridization
  5. Prison of the Mind
  6. The Flame Surreal
  7. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon
  8. Hallucination
  9. The Harvest Wombs
  10. Assemblage of Wolves
FALLUJAH - The Harvest Wombs

GENRE: Technical death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: November 22nd, 2011

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

Fallujah is a five-piece located in San Francisco, California. The music is modern and technical death metal. I hear elements of Decrepit Birth and Death in the music, but also bits and pieces of Cattle Decapitation as well as Animals As Leaders. I would lie if I said that the music is atypical. The songs rely on many of the same traits that is common for the genre, but I do think that the music has some sort of personality.

The song-writing is good. The music has just the right mix of the brutal, the moderate and the peaceful and the relaxed. I like that the band mix the fast and brutal with bits and pieces of Decrepit Birth type of melody. It definitely doesn't hurt either that there are some very good solos. The music does get a bit spacey and grand here and there, but that also a part of what makes it interesting.

The music is above all catchy. I like that now and then there are unexpected changes in direction, like for instance on "Prison of the Mind". A song like the instrumental "The Flame Surreal" sounds like something Animals As Leaders could have written. There's not a bad song on the CD, and there's not any filler either. It's above all a very trimmed and kind of polished effort.

The production is somewhat smooth. It's clean and polished. Usually I wouldn't say that's an asset, but it does fit the music that Fallujah play. In spite of the clean production the music is both thick and crisp.

The Harvest Wombs is a firm effort. The music and sound may not be very different, but that's not a problem. If you like well-played, well-written and well-produced death metal in the vein of Decrepit Birth then you can't go wrong with The Harvest Wombs.

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