FEAST OF CORPSES - Sickness of Mankind
Released: 2007 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Feast Of Corpses

01. The Sickest of Mankind
02. Severe Trauma
03. Exposed to the Elements
04. Captive
05. Left For Dead
06. Obediance Into Sin
07. Graveyard Gore
08. Roadtrip to the Morgue
09. Blood Flow

Feast Of Corpses is a Canadian two-piece band. The band play brutal death metal inspired by Aborted, Suffocation and Broken Hope among others, but sound and stylewise the Canadians is closer to sounding like something in the vein of the defunct German death metal band Anasarca. It's needless to say that Feast Of Corpses doesn't try any new tricks. Instead the duo aims to create a versatile and thick soundscape. The drums are programmed, but these are done so well that you almost don't notice.

Although Sickness of Mankind doesn't differ from so much else Feast Of Corpses has been able to create music that is interesting. Some of the explanation is the all-round approach. The pace is mostly fast, but varied. The band also adds a solo or two here and there and that definitely add a bit extra as well. Last but not least the dual vocals add further to the diversity. These switch between the standard growl and a high-pitched snarl in the vein of Impaled. Also the band has achieved a compact and crunchy sound that put the icing on the cake. Sickness of Mankind is a solid effort that should please most death metal fans.

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