Currently unsigned German death metal band Fetocide recently sent me their newest release Redefine, an effort that beautifully combine technicality and brutality. In conjunction with receiving this release I decided to ask founding member and guitarist Ingo Neugebauer some questions about the band, the recording of Redefine as well as some other things.

Ingo Neugebauer interviewed by PSL

Have you found a label to release Redefine or are you still looking?
Unfortunately we still haven't found a label that is interested in releasing Redefine, but we still hope to find a label that will support us.

Your music is quite technical and diverse. I assume this is something you deliberately work on, but how much time and effort do you spend on writing the songs before you think they sound the way they should?
It's a never-ending process. When we reformed Fetocide, Marius and Timo still had to learn a lot in order to play the music we intended and I as well worked very hard on my skills. So we spent about two years in order to get to a technical level we all could cope with. But we're all still improving our skills and are pushing each other to his limits. Honestly we don't spend too much time on the songs. Either Timo or I come up with some new ideas. We are all "addicted" to music so new parts just come up when we're playing at home. I spend some time on a song before the first rehearsal. When I write a new song I always have a rough structure of it in mind. The fact that I'm playing drums as well helps me that I'm always thinking of suitable drum tracks for each part. So before rehearsing a new song there's always a pre-production of it featuring a drum computer and guitars and I type every song in `powertab´ to keep the structures in mind. We start listening to the pre-production and discuss possible changes in the structure. Then Marius works out his drum-parts and always comes up with some really weird stuff - always trying to support the guitar tracks with his kind of drumming. We usually spend three to four rehearsals to complete a song [we're just rehearsing once a week]. It's really great to have found such great musicians that you can watch a song develop and grow in a rather short period of time. In fact we have already written seven new songs that are all more technical and diverse than those on Redefine.

A thing I noticed on Redefine is that you have relatively many solos on it. Is this something you have in mind when writing the music?
It's more like a natural process while writing a song. When we play a new song it simply appears to us that there are some parts that are yearning to be decorated by a lead. Leads are great because you can add completely new spheres to a part. But none of us will ever play a solo just because he wants to show his skills.

Are there any bands in particular that have been a source of inspiration?
I could name thousands of bands because every band you are listening to somehow becomes a source of inspiration to you. We all listen to brutal and technical death metal and this is the kind of music we intend to create, but besides we listen to black metal, a lot of grindcore and sometimes even to bands such as Tool or to some jazz recordings. But to name some of the bands that shaped our understanding of brutal and technical death metal there were Necrophagist, Death, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, Origin, Goratory, Monstrosity, Deeds Of Flesh, Disavowed and Gorgasm.

You've recorded the album in two different studios. What were you reasons for this?
We decided to record the album in two different studios in order to save money. Actually, "Bonecracker" where we recorded drums, bass, vocals and some guitars is my own small project-studio in my flat. Sven "Sieve" Sievering is a friend of us and he offered us to record the additional guitar tracks and to do the mixdown and mastering at his Trollheim Studio. Another positive aspect by recording the first tracks on our own was that we could record in our spare time.

Did you achieve the sound you were hoping for? The guitars sound a little thin at times.
We're quite satisfied with the sound of Redefine. Of course there are always things that could have been done better, but these are the things that keep you developing. We didn't want a too juicy guitar sound because we wanted to leave enough space for small details from the drums and bass.

What kind of things do the lyrics deal with?
Our lyrics deal with the deeper shades of human nature. We try to avoid too explicit gore lyrics and rather want to leave space for ambiguity and interpretation.

You recently found a new guitarist in shape of Floris Funk so do you now have stable line-up?
After Kai had to leave the band we didn't find a new guitarist for about half a year. Floris has not just become a new band member but also a very good friend to us - as we all are more like a family than like a band. He has never played in a death metal band before and we think it might take him another year to obtain the skills he needs but he really has the strife to work on it and we will wait for him. Until then, we're writing new songs and play gigs as a four-piece, which worked out quite well.

Are any of you currently involved in other bands besides Fetocide?
I was afraid you would ask this question [laughs]. First of all, there's Ripped2Shreds - a death/grind band where I'm playing drums and Dirk is shouting. Timo joined Ripped2Shreds as new guitarist when our old guitarist had to leave because of a serious wrist injury. Timo is also playing bass with the east Frisian death metal lunatics Tears Of Decay. Marius plays drums in Escuriot and I'm also playing drums in Dead Memories and guitar in Trio mit 4 Feuchten and a small project called Binary so as I told you before we are all addicted to music!

Germany is mostly known for its heavy metal and thrash metal bands. The death metal scene doesn't appear quite as strong as the aforementioned so how is it doing?
Actually I think there's a pretty cool death metal scene in Germany as well. There are a lot of bands that create really cool stuff just nearby. Just to mention the most worthwhile there are Tears Of Decay, Gorezone, Despondency, Ripped2Shreds, Dawn Of Disease, Branded Skin, Sudden Death [who fortunately are back on the stage again], The Awakening, Ingurgitating Oblivion and many more. If you take a look on whole Germany I have to mention Necrophagist, Harmony Dies, Seraph Of Pestilence, Jack Slater and Profanity as well. But there are so many really cool death metal bands that it's hard to know and mention them all.

Do you have any live shows coming up in the near future?
At the moment we don't have any upcoming live shows but we're always open to offers and I hope we'll be able to play some more shows this year, because acting on stage is the most intense feeling you could create.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
First of all thanks a lot for your review and your interest in Fetocide. It's pretty cool to see that people find our debut-promo so convincing. Everybody who's interested in brutal and technical music can feel free to visit our homepage , download our songs and to contact us. Thanks for your time and support and I hope that at least some people are interested in Fetocide.

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