Released: 2006 | Label: Grindmind | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindmind

01. Flossing After Birth
02. Tossed Salad
03. Monomoth
04. I Guess We were Wrong, People Really do like Manowar [Those Guys are Fags]
05. C'mon Nobody Rally likes the Fetus Eaters
06. Walking on Water
07. How I Spent the Collection Plate
08. Abortions: The Other White Meat
09. Barnyard Security
10. Cadaver Asada
11. Whoops
12. Goreganic
13. Generic Suicide
14. Mothers Day
15. Halacausto Nubian Metal
16. The Portero Experiment
17. Ultrasound

18. Rendimi Felice
19. Maurizio Costanzo
20. Padre Maurizio
21. Sperma Cotto
22. Scarto Sociale
23. Emo
24. Total Freaks Massacre
25. Fuckin' Song for Fuckin' People
26. Sepoltura
27. Folle Corsa
28. Ipo Crisi
29. Porca Miseria
30. Frega un Cazzo
31. Mosconi Dov'?
32. Vomitarsi Addosso
33. Cacca Dov'?
34. Degradazione THC
35. Steve Gay
36. Mexican Holocaust
37. Televisione
38. Mi Hanno Stuprata
39. Oznenod e Defe Eromanoc

At first I didn't like this split CD much. Mostly because I'm not a fan of noise, but I admit that after a while it began to grow a bit on me. None of the two bands plays music that is easily digested and is actually also what makes it somewhat interesting.

Fetus Eaters has labelled their music vomitcore and it makes sense. The music is in all it's simplicity an amalgam of noise and grindcore. This is a constellation I normally find boring and very uninteresting, but the quartet somehow manage to transform it into something listenable despite of its silliness. A major reason for this is that the band blends some effects and samples into the music. It provides the music with at bit of diversity and prevents it from being one long monotone blur.

Diorrhea is stylewise a little different from Fetus Eaters. The Italians go for the more common type of grindcore and that actually also make Diorrhea the more durable of the two. The quartet doesn't add any to the music that haven't already been tried before, but they are pretty good doing what they do. Like almost any other grindcore band it's clear that Diorrhea do this for the fun and it reflects in them goofing around now and then. Can't say I find it overly funny, but it certainly give the music a relaxed feel.

This split release is most definitely not for the weak or pop loving person. It's an extreme effort so don't expect it to sink in right away, but once it do there's some alright music found here.

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