FINAL REDEMPTION - Final Redemption
Released: 2006 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Final Redemption

01. Malignant Disfigurement
02. A Palm Branch Offering
03. Witness
04. Open Casket

It was a little hard to find any proper information about this band, but as far as I can tell this self-financed release is the second from the Meyersville, MD deathers. The music is groove and rather slow death metal which to a degree is quite similar to Dying Fetus. The band does provide their music with a sense of identity and it's clear that they rely on various influences, but the references to Dying Fetus are very hard to ignore. The songs are well-written and fairly diverse, but the slow and steady pace gets rather tiresome after a while.

The band does try and speed things up a bit once in a while like in the beginning of "A Palm Branch Offering" and it suits the music very well, but it's not enough to keep it overly interesting for very long. I do like the fact that Final Redemption go for the slower and groovier things instead of trying to be super fast and belch out a firestorm of blastbeats, but for the sake of variation more fast part would probably have worked wonders. Final Redemption is still a decent release which should give the band a bit of attention. There's no doubt that Final Redemption have potential and with further progression and evolvement they may just make it!

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