1. Everyday Hatred
  2. Children's Suicide
  3. Six Headshots
  4. Smiling Corpse
  5. Mass Disorder Instruction
  6. New World Slavery
  7. Fear and Loathing Everywhere
  8. Copsripper
  9. Forced Ganja Penetration
  10. Single Bullet Theory
  11. Buried on a Junkyard
  12. Turn the Face to a Reality
  13. Stench of Prophetv
  14. Civil Monkeys
  15. Mentally Monstrosity
  16. Thirst of Violence
  17. Born to Kill
  18. Humanity for a Long Time in Hell
FITCAGE - Pigumanity

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: SFC Records
YEAR: March 20th, 2010

RATING: 8/10

The Russian four-piece Fitcage play a mix of death metal and grindcore. I guess that the band is inspired by Nasum, Rotten Sound and Regurgitate among other. There's a lot of death metal in the music, but on the whole I'd say the music is grindcore.

The songs are short and mostly very fast, but like most grindcore these days it's diverse. The slower, heavy parts add a lot of contrast to the fast and straight forward parts. That type of mix adds the needed variation for the music to be interesting. I also like that the bass get some room now and then, like on "New World Slavery".

It doesn't hurt either that there's a sample now and then. Unlike many other bands Fitcage doesn't overdo it and that is something that profits the music. Another asset is the production, it's thick and crisp. It adds some additional muscle to the songs.

Pigumanity is a conventional effort, but that doesn't make it less interesting. The four Russians play with nerve and attitude and it does wear off on the outcome. If you like grindcore mixed with death metal then Pigumanity isn't a bad choice.

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