The American death metal band Flesh Consumed just finished recording their next CD Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering. It will be out on Unique Leader Records in September. I got the chance to ask vocalist Corey Athos some questions a while ago. Although he wasn't too elaborate on everything it did prove to be interesting reading.

Corey Athos interviewed by PSL

In mid June you'll start recording your first full-length for Unique Leader Records. Are you ready or are there bits and pieces that you continue to work on?
Actually we just got done with everything. The production and layout came out great so we are excited.

Could you say something about the music on Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering? Should we expect another ...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... or are you going for something different?
I'd say every song is different. There's some ...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... in there plus many other elements.

You've previously worked with Zack Ohren. Is this why you've decided to go with him and his Castle Ultimate Studio again?
He knows what he is doing, knows what we are going for, and gets a monstrous sound. Plus he is affordable, but extremely professional.

I understand that you'll be having various vocalist guest the CD. Could you say something about who they are?
We have Luc Lemay from Gorguts doing a couple lines on "Caverns of the Disembodied", Erik from Deeds Of Flesh on "Devoid Of Skin", and Matti Way from Pathology/ex-Disgorge on "Succumbed to Dementia" plus we fucked around with an interlude track so Matti is on that as well. We also have Craig from Arkaik doing a guest solo.

How do you go about writing songs? Do all five of you contribute?
We usually write separately. I write a lot on my own and so does Cameron. Taylor and I write well together and Ron and Cameron are a team. So it's kinda weird, but it works out great.

Do you mostly get inspired by death metal or do you find inspiration in other genres as well?
I listen to everything and get inspiration from everywhere, musical and non-musical.

Besides singing you used to play guitar in the band as well. What made you chose go with the singing and not the other way around?
Well at one time I was trying out vocalists and was just going to focus on guitar, but I found it easier to have someone learn the guitar then to find a reliable vocalist. Taylor and Cameron can play circles around my playing and can play anything I throw at them so I will probably never go back to playing guitar in Flesh Consumed.

You've had your share of line-up changes in Flesh Consumed. Do you feel that you have the right line-up now?
Yeah totally, we all get along great and are on the same page as far as music and touring goes. I would like to jam with these guys for a long time.

Flesh Consumed have put out a couple of releases via Sevared Records. What made you want to move to a different label?
I've had five contracts total with Barrett and after doing so many everything becomes predictable. It was just time for a change, I've wanted to be on Unique Leader Records since like 2002 and he wanted to sign us so it all worked out. Sevared Records is a great label and I have nothing but great things to say about Barrett.

It seems that many bands on Unique Leader Records tend to use the same artists for the artwork, the same studios for recording or mixing. Is it something that Unique Leader decides or are you free to do as you like?
We have complete creative freedom. Erik has never suggested anything. He just funded it so it's fucking awesome.

On your past efforts the artwork has been explicit and gory. Is this going to change on Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering?
This album is extremely dark and fucked up visually and musically. We went with Jon Zig this time around. Andy, who did Flesh Consumed's past album art, is extremely clean. We wanted a dirty dark feel which Zig can produce. He did four pieces of art for the layout.

How big a role does the artwork play for the music and the band?
I think visual concepts are extremely important. The art enhances the music and it plays a big role in Flesh Consumed.

Many of the brutal Californian death metal bands are located in Santa Cruz or San Diego. Is there a lot going on there right now? Any interesting bands that you'll like to point out?
Yeah, there's a lot of killer bands from California. The Bay Area has been kinda dead since some of the good venues got shut down. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Arkaik and Colonize The Rotting.

Besides Flesh Consumed are any of you involved in other bands? I know you have Hydrocephalic going with Matti Way and Alex Colon. Could you give an update on that band?
Hydrocephalic is the only side project I have. We are supposed to have an album coming out on Sevared Records in 2011. We are all extremely busy with our full time projects and it's kinda on the back burner, but now that the Flesh Consumed album is done I'm going to start writing some more shit for Hydrocephalic.

How does the rest of 2010 look for Flesh Consumed now that you're finished in the studio?
We have the Bloodletting 7 tour in august. It's a full US tour and just got done with the studio and the layout for the new album. The shit came out fucking killer and I can't wait for the album to drop.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview dude. Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering is coming out September 28th on Unique Leader Records so keep an eye out. We are doing the Bloodletting North America 7 in August so we will all over the US so come out to that shit.

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