FUNERUS - Festering Earth
Released: 2003 | Label: Ibex Moon | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Ibex Moon

01. In the Trees
02. DNR
03. Stagnant Seas
04. Suffering Life
05. Nebulous Existence
06. Polluted Excess
07. Shade
08. Web of Deceit
09. Festering Earth

Formed as early as in 1990, Funerus is a well known band in the underground but hasn't played that many shows. The band fell apart around 1994 but was later resurrected by bassist Jill McEntee and she was joined in 2002 by her husband John McEntee and drummer Kyle Severn, both from Incantation. Later on, the band was joined by original guitarist and vocalist Brad Heiple.

Festering Earth is a savage and rough old-school release that obviously bears some similarities with Incantation. Drawing on influences from Rottrevore, early Grave and Bolt Thrower. Funerus obviously plays what can best be described as being mid-paced old-school death metal. Festering Earth does in no way add anything new or for that matter really interesting, but it's an album that definitely makes you feel that the world is a polluted hell hole and you're standing in the middle of it. The only thing that bugs me a little with this release is the production 'cause it seems kinda sloppy, and by that I mean it sounds muddy and dim, but I'm sure the band meant it to be this way in order to give it that primitive and raw sound that it truly reeks of.

Festering Earth is an album made by fans of old-school death metal for fans of old-school death; therefore the lack of vitality or originality doesn't really matter that much 'cause it's always nice to relive the music one grew up with.

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