In September last year Swedish all-star death metal combo God Among Insects released their debut World Wide Death, an album that instantly caught the attention of yours truly because of its filthy and old-school approach. This is how real death metal should sound: unpolished, dirty and downright brutal. Founder and guitarist Lord K. Philipson recently answered some questions about the album as well as other things.

Lord K. Philipson interviewed by PSL

How and when did the idea of forming God Among Insects emerge?
The plan from the start was to use some material I had that didn't really fit into The Project Hate, which is my main band. I still wanted to get those tracks down on tape and record a classic death metal album while we were at it. And that's what we did. Well, the guys in The Insects are close friends of mine and I thought it would be a flattering moment to create something together with them as I love what they do with their original bands, and they are all excellent musicians and shit. Not meaning you have to be a very skilled musician to play this kind of death metal, it's not very technical or anything, you know. The first one I approached about this band was drummer Tobben of Vomitory. I just asked if he wanted to do an album with me and that was it. I knew about his skills, so asking him was a no-brainer. His work on the album fuckin' carries the album in a fuckin' steady pace. I love that guy's way of playing the kit to say the least, and if I'm about to record more albums with this band, there's no one else I wanna have doing the drums. He's truly golden. Caligula pretty much accepted to be on this before I even asked him, how weird that may sound. I just called him up got to asking half a question about this before he responded "You know I'm with you on anything you wanna do". Caligula helped us out on the latest The Project Hate album you know, and he just blew me away in the studio. I love Caligula's voice to say the least, and I don't think I have ever heard someone sing as low as he does on this one. It's different from the work he's doing in Dark Funeral for sure, but a few of those trademark-screams are on the album as well. Tomas from Sanctification plays bass for us. He's a fucked-up dude from the north of Sweden and fits in all nicely. I liked the idea of bringing all these different people together for an album, letting them add their own touch to it. It worked out pretty fuckin' fine to say the least.

Is there any significant meaning with the band name?
Yeah, it means what we are. God Among Insects. The elite, the cream of the cake, the shit. Fuck if I knew, it's just a suitable name for a fuckin' brutal death metal band.

How would you describe World Wide Death in your own words?
Down-tuned beyond recognition, groovy, brutal, catchy, intense, tight, well-played, excellent.

The album sounds as if it doesn't only draw on inspirations from the old Swedish scene, but also from the US scene! Please elaborate on the influences?
That's very true. There's some small influences from Deicide [one riff or so], the rest is just Swedish old-school death metal mixed with some Bolt Thrower. The Swedish death metal sound will always be the best in the world and this is just our little tribute to those days.

Since you're the main composer in the band, I was wondering how the rest of the members have contributed to the final result?
Musicwise, I wrote it all, but one song that me and drum-god Tobben wrote, rehearsed and recorded in the studio within an hour or so. "Uhr-Nazuur" is the track I'm talking about, probably all of the guys' fave track when it comes to the band itself. Shit is very easy for us, I just write the fuckin' music, send demos to Tobben. Caligula enters the studio and writes some lyrics and works with some vocal-lines, as well as using some that I have in mind. That's how we work. We might rehearse once before a recording, then me and Tobben gets a feel of the stuff and sees if anything needs re-arranging, which it normally don't.

Was God Among Insects originally intended as a one album/concert project?
Fuck yeah. One album, one rehearsal, one gig, one backdrop and then termination. But we fuckin' changed our minds, coz what we do is fuckin' excellent and it takes no time whatsoever from our real bands, if you may. We'll do this as long as we have this good feeling. The day that feeling disappears, we kill this shit. Until then, be prepared for more excellent death metal, the way it was meant to sound.

Do you have plans for recording a follow-up to World Wide Death?
For sure. I will start writing material for it asap actually, now when I'm done with the material for the next The Project Hate-recording. I know that Caligula already started writing the lyrics for the next album, and this time it will turn out more concept-like. It'll be dealing with death I think [laughs].

How has the response to World Wide Death been so far?
Most of them have been killer, some of them have been gay. Like with every album out there. Some people love it, some don't. And we don't fuckin' care. If you dig death metal and don't dig what we do, you are a fuckin' retarded shoe-lace. At best. The coolest thing is when someone bashes the album becoz it "sounds too old", [laughs]… Good morning, idiot. That might be the point of it all you know, [laughs].

I understand the album has been censored in Germany. Is this something you have also experienced elsewhere?

Unfortunately not that I know. I wish the fuckin' album was censored everywhere. The black cover looks better than the real one anyways you know. Germany! They are famous for shit-porn but still they censor our album... [laughs]. That says more about their government than our cover I think.

Was it a logical step for you to sign with Threeman Recordings since you were already familiar with them?
I just asked them if they wanted to finance this album and they did. Of course they did. This shit would have been picked up by any label in a flash otherwise you know. A phonecall was all it took. Maybe the album would ship more copies on another label with better finances, but fuck it.

How does playing in God Among Insects go in hand with your other bands?
Works great. We rehearse a night before a gig, that's all we need. We know the songs and we rehearse respectively at our own places. No need to meet up and rehearse every week. We are too old and too fuckin' talented for that bullshit.

Do you have any live activities scheduled for the coming months?
Yeah, I think we have gigs set for April and August. All in Sweden. I'm waiting for the fuckin' festivals to call us and bring us there. They don't know what they are missing out on if they don't.

Any closing comments?
Thanks for the interview man.

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