1. John 3:18
  2. Godhate
  3. Penance for the Wicked
  4. In Praise of Sin
  5. Infinity Shall Be
  6. Equal in the Eyes of Death
  7. Alla Xul Kanpa
  8. Dark Funeral
  9. Antichristianity
  10. In Anger with Life
  11. The End
GODHATE - Equal in the Eyes of Death

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Metal Age Productions
YEAR: December 23rd, 2009

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Metal Age Productions

The Swedish band Godhate has a long history, but Equal in the Eyes of Death is the first full-length under the Godhate moniker. The music is Antichristian death metal so as you can guess it's all about clichs, but I don't care. The music has a lot in common with Deicide and Morbid Angel. It's obvious that the four-piece get much of the inspiration from those two bands among other, but it's not like the four Swedes copy too much.

There's enough personality in the songs not bore or just be another copy. The music is diverse, although Godhate mostly go for the slower and more moderate. That doesn't exactly profit the music much, but than again it's also what helps set the Swedes apart from many of today's death metal bands. Many of the songs are fairly catchy. I'd say "In the Praise of Sin" and "Dark Funeral", "In Anger With Life" is the best. There are other songs that are a bit too anonymous. So all in all Equal in the Eyes of Death has both its ups and downs.

The production is arid and sterilized. To a degree it reminds me of how Deicide's Legion is. Equal in the Eyes of Death is a good effort, but often I can't help think that something is missing. It's difficult to put some exact words on, but I just know it isn't there. If you like music with strong ties to Deicide and Morbid Angel then Godhate is just the band for you.

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