GODLESS TRUTH - Arrogance of Supreme Power
Released: October 15th, 2004 | Label: Lacerated Enemy | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Lacerated Enemy

01. Perceive the Mockery
02. Mission: Fuck You
03. Driven to Lacerate
04. Reprobate Intention
05. Instructed to Degrade
06. Deformed in Ecstasy
07. Embrace the Void

Seemingly very inspired by US death metal heavyweights such as Suffocation and Dying Fetus Czech death metallers Godless Truth doesn't break any new ground with Arrogance of Supreme Power but despite of a perhaps somewhat anonymous sound the band still has quite a bit to offer.

Godless Truth does little to hide their profound adoration for brutal US death metal however they are able to vary the music in a satisfactory manner so it doesn't come across as being just another clone. This is mainly thanks to the bass which is very present in the soundscape and this certainly help to give the music some identity of its own. But also the variation in tempo and the somewhat awry breaks contribute to the diversity of the songs. Tracks like "Perceive the Mockery", "Mission: Fuck You" and "Instructed to Degrade" are the ones that stand out the most but the remaining material is almost up to par with the aforementioned. Arrogance of Supreme Power may not be anything revolutionary but none the less it's still an album that lies somewhere along the average and above.

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