GOREFEST - Rise to Ruin
Released: August 3rd, 2007 | Label: Nuclear Blast | Rating: 9/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: VME

01. Revolt
02. Rise to Ruin
03. The War on Stupidity
04. A Question of Terror
05. Babylon's Whores
06. Speak When Spoken To
07. A Grim Charade
08. Murder Brigade
09. The End of it All

Gorefest was never really among my favourites Dutch bands back in the day. This, however, did change a lot with their comeback La Muerte. I didn't care much about the more recent efforts from the Dutchmen, but La Muerte made me think otherwise. It perfectly combined the bands early doings with their later works. So it wasn't without reason that I had high hopes for Rise to Ruin and let me assure you that Gorefest do not disappoint. In many ways Rise to Ruin continues where La Muerte left off. Rise to Ruin is a record that is rich on almost everything. The music is immensely varied and the band understands how to combine old with new. The songs are broad in their expression. Here's something for those who like it fast, slow or somewhere in between. Just like on La Muerte there are also plenty of groove and the band definitely hasn't been stingy with the leads this time either.

It is things like these that make Rise to Ruin a potent and resilient effort. All the Gorefest characteristics are present, but clearly the band is able to push their sound even further and put in a few surprises along the way. It makes the music both fresh and interesting. Like on La Muerte the production is dirty and forceful. The band and producer Tue Madsen have accomplished a sound that is meaty, but also clean to a degree where nothing seems to vanish in the soundscape. This is another thing that heightens the overall impression. Rise to Ruin is close to the ideal and definitely among the highlights of 2007. If you liked La Muerte then you'll love Rise to Ruin.

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