GOREGAST - Viva El Animal
Released: 2005 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Goregast

01. El Tren Con De Stino Muerte
02. Du Schmeckst
03. Karl
04. Die Schönste Blume
05. Viva El Animal
06. Waldgesetze
07. Te Corto La Cabeza...Te...
08. Psycho
09. Patrick Corpse
10. La Muerte Del Animal
11. Terrassen am See
12. Matando Gueros

This is kind of odd, but quite amusing as the lyrics are both in German, Spanish and English. A first I got the impression that Goregast was a Slipknot clone with the masks and all, but luckily this was certainly not the case. It's quite obvious that the band don't take things too seriously. When looking at the artwork and the lyrics this immediately become clear, but let me assure there's absolutely nothing funny about the music. The music is a fusion of brutal old school death metal and grindcore, but with a good amount of groove. The band knows how to vary the music, but most of the time it's kept in a frantic tempo.

Goregast has found a fat and full sound which suit the music flawlessly. Most of the songs are fairly good, but particularly the brutal "Du Schmeckst", the rather slow "Die Schoenste Blume", "Patrick Corpse" and the cover of Brujeria's "Matando Gueros" appeared the most valuable. There's nothing on Viva El Animal that hasn't been done one way or the other before, but Goregast are good at what they do so Viva El Animal never seem to get boring. I sure hope this is not the last we've heard to Goregast since they show great skill on Viva El Animal. If you're interested in buying this brutal effort then it can be ordered directly from the band.

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