England's gore meisters Gorerotted really caught my attention with their sickening debut Mutilated in Minutes…Served in Seconds. And their Metal Blade debut Only Tools and Corpses who was released in November 2003 carried on from where the band had left with Mutilated… but still it showed a band that had progressed. I was therefore curious to know what to expect from their forth coming album. Vocalist Mr. Goreskin kindly answered a bunch of questions about the past, present and future of Gorerotted.

Mr. Goreskin interviewed by PSL

What's up in the Gorerotted camp at the moment?
Not much dude, just chilling, got a few cans on the go and listening to a Sockeye CD Junky Jon sold me for a mere 5 fuckin quid. You can't beat a price like that! We're all just waiting for the UK tour to kick off, then our European festivals and club dates with Vomitory in the summer. We spend most our time writing new songs for the 3rd album, drinking in various crap pubs and fighting each other, but we're hoping to record a new album at the end of the year, and we'll hopefully have a DVD and a couple of videos out too, so there's lots of shit in the pipeline for us useless heaving turds, innit.

How was Gorerotted conceived?
God fucking knows, a couple of cocks at some stage must've thought it would be a good idea to do a dumb catchy death metal grind type band with stupid lyrics. When most people have that idea, they just forget about it and it's knocked on the head before anything crap happens, but for some reason us motherfuckers formed the band, wrote the songs, played the gigs and festivals and conned one of metal's biggest labels to release the second album, so we're all fucking quids in mate!

Have you played in other bands before forming Gorerotted?
Yeah we all have, the other fellas have been in Brutal Insanity, Grot, ENT, Failed Humanity, Regorge and other shit too, and I've been in an all manner of crap you probably wouldn't have heard of before, like some Type O Negative rip-off band, a black metal band, a biker type rock band, and I even played bass for an upcoming British chart-topping band fronted by a long-time mate of mine, though I left that cos I couldn't commit to it. I was also in a death metal band called Gonorhhea for a while, we did one gig that was like 15 or 20 minutes long, then we jacked it all in for various different reasons.

How come it has taken so long to get Only Tools and Corpses released?
Cos we all suck, we're totally crap at writing songs when people keep leaving and have to get replaced [well, twice], and then once the album was all finished we shopped around for the right record deal, which always takes time, even once you've found them and its just a matter of waiting for it to be released. The next one should be out quicker if we can all pull our fingers out our arses and get it done, we got some cool songs flying about at the moment and I'm pleased to report that the lyrics are gonna be even crapper on this album, still about good old violence and mutilation, but we seem to have gone up the not-so traditional Grimm Fairytales, stupid folklore/nursery rhyme type shit that was becoming apparent in some of our older songs.

How do you feel you have evolved from Mutilated in Minutes…Served in Seconds to Only Tools and Corpses?
Well I reckon the riffs are far more intelligent if that's the right word, whilst still keeping the old catchy Gorerotted style with the sing-a-long choruses. The productions better, the standard of playing's better, it's just a natural progression really. The general feeling is that it's many times better than the first album, which is cool, cos that was pretty popular with a bunch of people too.

Has it helped to get some fresh blood in the band?
Yes and no really, bringing in new members has increased the amount of injuries sustained, as well as the amount of rides in the back of ambulances and police cars, but now we seem to look forward to rehearsing far more than the old days, when it was basically just something we did on a Saturday afternoon before we fucked off out for the evening. Now though, cos we all live in various different parts of the UK we make a weekend of it, travelling to each others houses and basically having fun while we play, so everyone seems far more focused, there's ideas flying about all over the place dude, we're lovin' it mate!

Which bands are you influenced by? I spot some clear references to Cannibal Corpse's cult album Tomb of the Mutilated and even a little Carcass!
Everyone always says that about every death and grind band, its weird cos neither of them 2 bands sound anything like each other. We steal our riffs from an all manner of places; death, grind, punk, black metal, heavy metal, pop songs, adverts, TV themes, anywhere that sounds like it would work for our style. I suppose cos it's mixed with blastbeats and shouty, growled and screamed vocals, people just naturally compare us to those bands and hundreds of other bands that sound nothing like each other too. I reckon people must just hear different things in our music, but listen to the riffs; you'll be shocked at some of the things we've got away with stealing!

The use of two vocalists really gives a lot of variation in your music. Of course many other bands use the same trick by having a guitarist or a bassist sing but having two actual vocalists in a death metal band is not that common a thing. How did that idea come around in the first place?
I think it was cos Mr. Gore didn't wanna sing on his own, so they got some retarded kid in that drank in the same pub as them that made weird groaning sounds. Eventually their boy left to pursue a career working on supermarket tills, so I was drafted in as a replacement cos I was the first person they found that could go "Wooaaaahhhrrrr" on cue. It's changed my life, I had a future, a slim body, a face that looked ok in the right light, but now I've become some fat bald headed cock and everyone I used to know now hates me. Basically though, we always try to make it interesting, there's no point having 2 singers if your just gonna do what one guy can do on his own, so we sing different vocal patterns over the top of each other, sing at the same time, and basically just act as 2 frontmen rather than 2 singing death metal dudes.

Your obvious use of rimes both in the song titles and the lyrics seem a bit different from what we usually see and hear. Is this something you use a great deal of time on of does it just come natural?
Yeah, it comes natural. I love extreme music, but I like stuff that you can sing along to too, so being in a really fast, intense band with choruses and catchy tunes is the way to go really. Few death and grind bands have a verse, chorus, verse type vibe going on, we're basically an extreme heavy metal band, you know, heavy as fuck but a definite groove to it without falling into the metalcore category.

I assume you're very inspired by horror flicks so do you have any favourites you like to mention?
I like stuff like Bad Taste, Braindead, Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, 28 Days Later, nothing really underground or really low budget generally, except a few of the zombie or Japanese films, but on the other hand nothing gay like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer, that shit fucking sucks, its like the Good Charlotte of horror.

Do you think it's important to include some of that fucked up British humour in order to not be taken too seriously?
Its not important for that reason, it's important because it comes natural to us, why try to suppress it when you can use it to your advantage? We're always mucking about and having a laugh, so to try and be all serious with the subject content or lyrics would be too forced and crap. If we were trying to be all brutal and evil on stage and then people saw us arseing about backstage it would kind of crush our image, so we just let our natural selves come through. We're not some fucking novelty band, but our music naturally has an almost happy, upbeat, type feel to it, its not for contemplating life to, or to evoke some reaction from the listener or put out some dark atmosphere, its just good clean fun metal you can sing along to, dance to, get drunk to, smash things to and basically have a laugh to.

Have you guys been watching Tales from the Crypt? The intro and outro on "Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza" sounds just so inspired from the show!
Er, replace the words 'inspired from' with the words 'stolen from' and you're more or less correct! We just sampled the Cryptkeeper. I always thought he was really sweet when I was a kid, cos although he looks like a rotten skeleton he's got a nice smile and a really funny voice. I love Tales from the Crypt; it's just that comic book style, camp horror that sums us up really.

How have the response been to Only Tools and Corpses so far?
Generally really good, most the reviews I'm seeing are really good, and the punters are lapping it up, so I'm personally really proud to have been part of it, its just something else that I can look back on when I'm an old fella with good memories of my time in the band.

How did you end up signing with Metal Blade?
They offered us a deal and we signed it basically. There's no interesting story behind it, we didn't sign it outside the Houses of Parliament using our blood and cum for ink whilst burning the Union Jack or any of that shit, we just did it when we were drinking round our manager's house. They have faith in us, we have faith in them, hopefully it'll be a great partnership for the next few years.

I've seen two different versions of your previous album Mutilated in Minutes… is there really any difference besides the cover art?
None whatsoever, it's just been re-drawn to make it sell more. Which has worked, to be honest.

How is the British death metal scene? I don't seem to recall that many bands besides the good ol' ones such as Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Benediction, Desecration etc.
Desecration and Akercocke are still going, the latter of which is doing particularly well at the moment, then there's various cool upcoming bands like Screamin' Daemon, Amputated, Putrefy, Beef Conspiracy, Detrimentum and some cool black metal bands like Scaldic Curse, Frost and Reign of Erebus.

I assume you must have some new material ready since it's been over a year since Tools and Corpses was recorded!
Yeah dude, we're constantly writing and trying out ideas. The guys are coming up with some great songs, except usually by the time me and Matey Jay [Mr. Gore] get round to singing on them my throat's started hurting a bit from all the shouting and smoking and I end up curling up in the corner and going to sleep, and Jay's too fucked to do anything too. Plus we're really fucking low on ideas, don't worry though, it'll come, one day just like that, we'll get half the material sorted in a few hours.

How does it compare to Only Tools and Corpses?
Hard to tell really, its still in its early stage but me being someone who's not got any musical talent whatsoever, Id say the fast, tech riffs are more complex, the punk bits are more punk, the dark bits are darker, and everything's just that little stupider at the same time.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Just cheers for featuring us and thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read my pathetic drivel. Check out www.gorerotted.com for merchandise, tour dates, biog and all the usual crap, and hopefully see some of you on the road, shoot some pool, sink a few beers, smoke a few joints, have a laugh and all that. See ya Goreskin

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