England's gorefreaks #1 Gorerotted just released their new and third album A New Dawn For the Dead, an album that shows a more dark and less humours approach to both the music and the lyrics than ever before. I was curious what caused this apparently somewhat sudden change. Bassist and vocalist Wilson was the one appointed to answer my carefully prepared questions.

Wilson interviewed by PSL

Where do you see the biggest difference between Only Tools and Corpses and the new album A New Dawn For the Dead?
I think it's hard to pinpoint differences; I would rather look at things as being a development on what we did before! Sure, there are things that will seem different to people on first listens, but have a think about it; it's still classic Gorerotted, punk rocky grooves, vicious blasting, dual vocal attack, and an unhealthy fixation with the macabre! When I look back at Only Tools and Corpses I'm very proud of it, and at the time it focussed on what we were all about, but we've developed as musicians, and our music has grown with us! It's still violent and aggressive, but maybe a little bit more sinister than before! I think people should make their own minds up!

The slight change in direction is that a result of coincidences or is it something that you deliberately have worked towards?
Like I said before, its been a very natural developmental process for us! Were all a year older, have been playing together longer both personally, and as a band, and your influences both musically and personally have changed! This has to have some reflection on the music you create! We've never had a sit down discussion, and said "lets do this, or do that", it's just what feels natural to us at the time! We're still writing Gorerotted songs that are true to ourselves, and true to our fans!

Is there a deeper meaning behind the album title besides it referring to the classic horror films?
Yeah, it's a double edged sword for us! Gorerotted has also had a close link with horror films, and what better a film to be influenced by that Dawn of the Dead - shit, I even liked the re-make of that one, and not many film fans say that sort of thing! But it's also a new chapter for us, were still coming from the same book, but its different for us. The line-up has solidified on an un-calculable level, and were taking our next natural step forward, so the imagery of a new day in the life of Gorerotted fits the way we feel perfectly!

Mr. Gore left the band last year has this affected the song-writing in any way?
I love answering this question! Mr. Gore didn't put pen to paper since before we finished Only Tools and Corpses, and he can't write music, so the same people have continued to write the songs - the only difference is now the whole band shows up to rehearsals, instead of being one man down!

You've never thought of bringing in a replacement for Mr. Gore or are you happy with things as they are now?
Well Mr. Gore's untimely decision to depart came one week before the Kaltenbach festival in Austria, which was quite an important one for us! I basically had five days to re-work my whole live set, and incorporate the high vocals, along with the vocals I did anyway! It was tough, but anyone will tell you that the show we did there was so natural, it's as if it's the way it always was! Myself and Ben Goreskin have a real bond in music, and the vocals just seemed to flow so well, and felt so right, so why change the formula if it works! I think it's better now, because there is a focus on one front man, and we still have the dual vocal attack, if not more than we had before!

You've skipped the small hilarious samples this time around. What were your reasons for doing so?
Again, it was a natural thing! We didn't decide to leave anything out; we just never wanted to put them in! It's like the blood thing on stage, we stopped that because it didn't suit us any more, and the samples just didn't feel right this time round - we never even discussed it, because it didn't feel necessary!

The lyrics also appear to be darker and less humoristic than before!
Yeah, I mean I love the old Gorerotted lyrics, but there's only so many times you can polish a turd before it smells! I like the fact that what we did on previous records can remain something that people enjoyed, rather than something that became over done, or boring! The lyrics are still violent, aggressive, and focus on the same subject matters as we always did, it's just a slightly different angle on things! Ben still writes about his stinking broads from back streets of London, Tim still writes about his obsession with voodoo and the undead, and I still write about the inner thoughts of a sick freak hell bent on savage murder!

You've recorded the album in Aexxys Art Studios in Germany this time. How has it affected the outcome that you've used a different studio?

The whole experience was different - we used to record in England, and the distractions of home and life were still there! I mean you could have driven home from the studio if you had too! This time we wanted to lock ourselves away from the world, and focus on nothing else but making this record! I think it's difficult at times, and you feel a bit shell shocked, but overall the end product is better! I work better under pressure, and believe me, we had it! Aexxys Art is a great studio, and I'd recommend it to anyone, and the sauna rules!

You've included a bonus DVD on the limited edition of the album. What's the story behind this?
I think the bonus DVD is a great idea! As a fan of metal, I love it when I get more for my money, you know, a real package, something to enjoy! It's got two shows on it, which show two sides to this band live - one being at Summer Breeze last year, where we thrive on a big festival experience, and one in a little sweat box club, ram packed with people! Both environments work for us in different ways! Maybe some people will buy this record who haven't or won't be able to see us live, and now they can have a little part of that too!

Are you going to tour extensively this year?
We're always arranging festivals and tours; it's what we live for! We're doing the festival period, and have been doing all this year! Then we have a two week European tour with Decapitated in September - there is still a band to be added, and dates to be confirmed, so keep checking our site, its changing all the time!

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Yeah, thanks for the interview, and thanks to anyone who supports our band and enjoys Gorerotted music! If you come to a show, come and say hello, join the party and get the beers in!

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