Brutal death metallers Gorgasm released their third full-length Masticate to Dominate back in late 2003 but second guitarist Tom Tangalos soon departed from the band and this resulted in some turbulence for a short period and the band decided to continue as a three piece. I recently had the opportunity to ask bassist and vocalist Paul Garcia a few questions about the current status of the band as well as other things.

Paul Garcia interviewed by PSL

How are things going at the moment?
Very good! We are writing material for a new album and hope to have it out sometime next year!

Guitarist Tom Tangalos departed from the band not so long ago if I'm correct?
Tom decided he did not want to jam with Gorgasm anymore. I guess he was tired of the style. He has a new band going with former Gorgasm drummer Derek Hoffman. It was a sudden decision and threw us for a moment but to each his own.

Has this affected the sound or dynamics of the band in any way?
Yes, I think we are much tighter now as a result of is departure, the three of us are very pleased with the new material we are writing and think it's the heaviest so far. We all play much better now and think this is the best Gorgasm has ever sounded.

Do you plan on continuing as a three-piece?
Definitely! It's so much easier and we like keeping it simple the way it is now. This is not to say we wouldn't consider adding a second guitarist to the line-up, if the right person came along, but right now we feel that would just slow us down.

Your newest album Masticate to Dominate sounds like the perfect follow up to Bleeding Profusely. How would you say the two differ from each other?
Masticate to Dominate is more traditional in terms of song structure, more thrashy, I think. Bleeding Profusely is a great album but too noisy, all the melodies seemed buried under the snare. Masticate… also has a theme, so to speak. All the songs were written in the perspective of a serial killer. We set out to write an album about the various crimes a psychotic maniac would commit and first we just came up with the song titles and no lyrics. So it was interesting to set the lyrics to the soundtrack of a very grisly movie that we had playing in our heads whenever we would jam the songs. So it was more cohesive and structured to fit a story in a way.

Which bands would you say have had a major impact on your music?
Suffocation,Deicide, Immolation, Slayer, and Ashlee Simpson.

You've used Jon Zig to do the cover artwork. Was he your #1 choice?
For sure. They had him in mind already when I joined. He did some tats for the other guys and shit so he was a natural choice.

Where to do you find the inspiration for the lyrics?
Horror movies, all kinds sick shit that's in our heads, the real fucked-up world, Caliente, and our fucked-up friends.

Looking at the band name and then at the lyrics it's clear that they match each other perfectly. Is it a coincidence or do you deliberately try to get them to fit that well together?
Yeah, we're about sex and death, mainly because it's fun.

What would you say set you apart from the majority of other death metal bands that are out there?
I think we keep it gritty but memorable. We got a lot of good grooves on all the albums and especially on the last one, which also has some of the fastest songs so it's more varied.

Have you commenced writing material for the follow up to Masticate to Dominate?

Yes we have a few songs finished and a multitude of riffs to go through. It's real fuckin' heavy so far with a lot of mosh riffs. We debuted two new ones at the Central Illinois Metalfest and the crowd really seemed to eat it up!

Any chances of catching Gorgasm playing live in Europe at some point?
We desperately want to go to Europe. We will be setting up something for next year but no details at the moment.

How is the death metal underground in the Chicago area?
It's cool but there aren't that many venues anymore. All the big shows go through the House of Blues but that place is so overpriced. The more mainstream bands pull in a huge crowd there but the local bands don't get shit most of the time. I like the shows in the city at the small clubs we used to have and the suburbs are allright but hardcore is bigger here now than anything else.

Any final comments?
Thanks for the interview, everyone check out for tour info and for more shit.

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