GRAVE - As Rapture Comes
Released: July 24th, 2006 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: EMI

01. Intro - Day of Reckoning
02. Burn
03. Through Eternity
04. By Demons Bred
05. Living the Dead Behind
06. Unholy Terror
07. Battle of Eden
08. Epic Obliteration
09. Them Bones
10. As Rapture Comes

After the band reformed following their long hiatus, Grave has once again become quite stable, putting out new material, and now it's time again. The music has by now become predictable, but the band still manages to throw in a few surprises. There's been cut down on the groove that has been the bands' trademark since Soulless, but don't worry... there's still plenty of groove in the music; it's just not as outspoken as it was on its predecessor, Fiendish Regression, or previous material.

The music has become a tad more with regards to speed and brutality, so we're closer to the two first albums, Into the Grave and You'll Never See…, than for instance Soulless. Aggression is a keyword here, but it's controlled aggression proving how skilled the quartet is. Gone are most of the mellow parts that were introduced on the previous effort. Still the band knows how to keep things varied and not really sacrifice one for the other. Here are still lots of slower and groovier stuff, like in "Through Eternity" and "Battle of Eden" while the band really cranks up the speed in "By Demons Bred", "Epic Obliteration", not to mention the majority of the remaining material as well. But Grave blends the fast with the slow. There's not really a song that is just the one or the other, and this gives As Rapture Comes a very organic and vital feel. To top things, Grave throw in their rendition of the Alice In Chains track "Them Bones", and they do that so well that you never really notice that it's not a Grave song.

As Rapture Comes is by far anything revolutionary, but then again; I wouldn't expect something like that from the Swedes. Grave sound like Grave and that's the way it should be. These veterans have once again made an album of a high calibre and it's clear that this unit just gets better and better. As Rapture Comes will most certainly not disappoint fans of this death metal institution.

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