GRAVE - Fiendish Regression
Released: August 23rd, 2004 | Label: Century Media | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Last Journey
02. Reborn
03. Awakening
04. Breeder
05. Trial by Fire
06. Out of the Light
07. Inner Voice
08. Bloodfeast
09. Heretic

Lately there hasn't been much music that has caught my attention right away and the new album Fiendish Regression from Swedish death metallers Grave was no exception either. However it quickly began to grow and suddenly I found myself more or less addicted to the musical escapades on the album.

Fiendish Regression is pretty much a straight continuation from where Back From the Grave left off. So basically we're dealing with slightly groovy and yet brutal old school death metal that people familiar with the back catalogue of the band would recognize as being somekinda mixture of their debut Into the Grave and their third album Soulless. The music is very organic, catchy and varied without ever becoming too much. The band has found a beautiful balance between the brutal and the mellower and groovier parts. But no need to worry we are not talking Nickelback mellow here and the music is still brutal as f**k but it's just not the typical brutal endeavour from start to finish that so many bands often tends to go for. All the songs on Fiendish Regression is strong and has their own identity but if I should mention anyone that sticks out it would probably be the slow opener "Last Journey" because of it's somewhat Slayer-like inspired approach. But also the heavy and brutal "Breeder" and the heavy and mid-paced "Trail by Fire" sticks out and last but not least the fast and brutal closer "Heretic" which perfectly brings Fiendish Regression to an end.

The album may not bring anything unheard but what it may lack when it comes to this it certainly have in variation and I didn't even found myself bored at any point while listening to Fiendish Regression. So if you like your death metal varied to the utmost but still without it losing its appeal then I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing this one 'cause Grave have this time delivered their most diverse effort to date.

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