GRIND-O-MATIC - Welcome to Grind-O-Land
Released: 2009 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grind-O-Matic

01. Welcome
02. The Hurricane’s Terrific Gravity Force
03. Caught in a Perfidious Net
04. Girl Trouble in the Double Whirl
05. The Incredible Yell From the Carousel
06. The Umbrella Jump
07. The Unfortunate Somersault Fault
08. The Groundbreaking Looping
09. Tragic Artistic Acrobatics
10. Nigger Segregation vs. Honky Arrogance
11. 85-Feet Drop
12. Bizarre Ice Cream Break
13. Demented Breakneck Ride
14. The Pachydermic Chair
15. High Commotion Mountain Dive
16. Fright at Freight Sight
17. Freakshow

Grind-O-Matic is a French DIY grind band. The Band have produced, mixed and issued Welcome to Grind-O-Land themselves. The music is a blend of simple grindcore and death metal so it's not like the music differs from so much else put out.

The songs are diverse and Grind-O-Matic play fast as well as slow. The trio adds some groovy parts now and then. Some of it is almost noise. It works okay and provides some needed diversity, but nevertheless things do get tiring after a while. It's in particular the closer "Freakshow" to become too much.

The band often use samples that sound like something from the radio in America during the 1920's and 30's. It definitely provides the music with personality. This combined with the artwork and song-titles make Welcome to Grind-O-Land bizarre.

The production is not that good - it's a little too noisy for my taste. I also miss a fatter and less anonymous guitar sound. Welcome to Grind-O-Land is not a bad effort and I like the Frenchmen's do-it-yourself approach, but that alone is not enough. More work is needed before the music becomes and stays interesting.

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