HATRED - Blasphemous Deliverance
Released: 2008 | Label: Deity Down | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Deity Down

01. Christian Dogma
02. Religion = War
03. The Atheist
04. Involution
05. Beholder of Hate
06. Transition
07. Enslaved by a Living Deity
08. Blessed by Possession
09. Reflected in Dead Eyes
10. Blasphemous Deliverance

Blasphemous Deliverance is a bumpy experience with both ups and downs. The music is standard sounding old school death metal with many groove hints along the way. The songs are not worse than so much else, but they are not too exciting either. Hatred do have some alright song-writing skills. This the Dutchmen show on tracks like "Religion = War", "Reflected in Dead Eyes" and the titletrack, but a repeated problem on the album is that the music looses much of its momentum and that many of the songs have a tendency to fall short when it comes to captivate. The poor production is a large contributor to this, but mostly it seems that Blasphemous Deliverance would have been far better if five of the 10 songs had been shelved. There's simply too many ups and downs on Blasphemous Deliverance to make it an effort above the mundane.

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