1. Legate of Goat Tyrant
  2. Clairvoyance
  3. The Last Respiration of Condemned
  4. To Punish the Victim
  5. Ancient Mags
  6. Incommensurable Elimination
HAZAEL - Clairvoyance

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Psycho Records
YEAR: September, 2011

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Psycho Records

Hazael was a Polish death metal band. The band later changed direction to a more doom and gothic kind of style before disbanding. Clairvoyance is the bands third demo and from 1992. The sound on it is actually fairly good, but typical for the period in terms of production.

The music is death metal strongly inspired by the Swedish scene. In particular bands like Grave, Entombed and Nirvana 2002 comes to mind. The song-writing is very good and again very typical for the period. I in particular like "The Last Respiration of Condemned", but the other five songs are solid too. Another thing I value is the solos. These sound like something from an early Dismember or Entombed demo.

You don't necessarily have to know of, or be a fan of Hazael to like Clairvoyance. It's enough to be a fan of old school Swedish death metal.

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