HEADHUNTER D.C. - God's Spreading Cancer
Released: June, 2007 | Label: Obscure Domain | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Obscure Domain

01. Dysangelium
02. God is Dead
03. Stillborn Messiah
04. Celebrate the Chaos
05. Contemplation [to the Fire]
06. Abortion of Souls
07. Black Miracle
08. God's Spreading Cancer
09. Angelkiller
10. Inner Demons Rise
11. Long Live the Death Cult

I admit that I know almost nothing about Headhunter D.C.. The band has existed for about 20 years and has a couple of CD's on their résumé, but that's about what I know. The Brazilians practice old school death metal with the typical South American flair. Overall the music doesn't sound very different from so much else that has come out of that region, but that's not a major issue as originality isn't much of a concern on my behalf. The actual problem is that the Brazilians aren't able to create something that stays interesting for long.

No doubt that the band is competent, but still that tiny something extra that could pull the music above the mundane is not really present. The continuity in the music is also often a little too blurry. It doesn't really benefit the songs either that samples of cheering and other goofy things are present a couple of times. The band does understand to pull out some interesting riffs from time to time, but as a whole the result isn't that convincing hence the mediocre grade.

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