HEINOUS KILLINGS - Hung with Barbwire
Released: 2006 | Label: Unmatched Brutality | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unmatched Brutality

01. Possessed to Kill
02. Strangled by Intestines
03. Skinned Alive in Acid
04. Hung with Barbwire
05. Chopped Up in a Body Bag
06. Asphyxiating Soil
07. Dissected Spinal Cord
08. Infection Consumed
09. Severe Throat Stabs
10. Nailed Cranium

Since the recording of Hung with Barbwire Joe Wolfe's one-man project Heinous Killings has transformed into a real band. I suspected it to begin with that this was more or less a one-man effort due to the computer drums, but I didn't realize it fully until studying the booklet closer. For obvious reasons Hung with Barbwire has it's limitations in a musical sense. The songs aren't that varied and the music isn't that tightly played. It particularly shows in terms of the drums and the vocals. Of course the music has its moments now and then, but often it all end up in an unrecognizable blur of ultra low growls and programmed drums.

The drums in particular is a problem, but it's doesn't really help a whole lot either that there has been put some effects on the vocals making them sound like something in between a frog and a human beatbox. Don't get me wrong I love ultra low vocals, but this is just a little too much. Especially since the music isn't always heavy and brutal enough to back it up. Overall I find Hung with Barbwire to be a mediocre CD that despite of some potential end up drowning in a poor production and some rather same-sounding drums. I hope now that the line-up has been expanded the result will be a little more convincing next time.

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