HIROSHIMA WILL BURN - To the Weight of All Things
Released: August 10th, 2009 | Label: Lacerated Enemy | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Lacerated Enemy

01. Methodical Disfigurement
02. In Voluptate Mors
03. Enigmatic Consumption
04. Laberinto
05. Martyrium
06. Defilement
07. Ad Pondus Omnium
08. The Black Death

The Australian powerhouse Hiroshima Will Burn plays modern technical death metal. The band is inspired by Necrophagist, The Faceless and Origin amongst others, but the five Australians do add a good share of personality to the music.

The song-writing is competent - the band mix death metal with groove, as well as lots of twisted jazz and progressive inspired parts. There are a lot of changeups, breaks and abnormal riffs. As a result the music is anything than conventional, but nevertheless captivating.

Like many of the Australians inspirations Hiroshima Will Burn is not technical just for the sake of being technical. The band blends a good share of catchiness into the songs, as well as hints of melody now and then. The music doesn't become repetitive and there's always something different going on. The bass also gets a lot of space in the music and provide additional diversity.

In terms of pace the band is close to how Necrophagist do it. The music is not over the top brutal or fast, but it is definitely not slow or mellow either. The vocals are standard, but it fits the music. To the Weight of All Things is not an effort where only one or two songs tend to be good. Every song is able to capture interest. The production is fat and meaty, but clear enough so nothing seems to vanish.

To the Weight of All Things is difficult to avoid if you like technical death metal with a modern touch. Sadly the band has broken up after Lacerated Enemy issued the CD. It's a shame as Hiroshima Will Burn could have become more than just an anecdote in the genre.

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